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Didjano is a series of articles written for the Troy Historical Society by Wesley A. Jones. Wesley moved to Troy in the summer of 2004 with his wife, Rosemary Abshire, a native of Troy. Some of the articles have and will be appearing in the newsletter of the Troy Historical Society.

As Wesley began working on a project for the Troy Historical Society in conjunction with the Miami County Barn Survey, his interest was piqued about the area. He has been working on property histories of the entire Troy area. It looks like the area is as, if not more,  interesting to a newcomer as to those who live in the area.

I'm sure he hopes you enjoy his stories. I don't know why you wouldn't.

Uncle Seeb living in the City Park ???

Name of Troy for cities in US

Browns Street

Dinner Bell Federal Credit Union



House 25A near Waco Museum south of Troy

Didjano..... the dead moved in Troy?

Trike-ing” from Piqua to Farrington Road

Please contact Wesley if you want to add details or more accuracy, or if you want him to research some other topics for you.

email: Wesley

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