Didjano….there’s a credit Union on the corner of Dye Mill & Main?

If you’re familiar with the area you’re probably asking “What Credit Union?” Well…there used to be one and it was called the “Dinner Bell Employees Federal Credit Union”. Now do you remember? If you’re like me you’re asking where was the “Dinner Bell?” A little while later it became the “Country Wide Federal Credit Union”. Maybe your thinking it was just an office area in the factory building at the intersection of Dye Mill and E. Main. That would be a good guess, but, No! There was a small building that housed these two credit unions. Is it still there? Yes! The building is there but the credit unions aren’t.  

If, you have this mystery figured out congratulations on your Troy history trivia knowledge. If, you don’t have a clue, let me explain. According to the 1990 Troy Directory these credit unions are listed at 1404 E. Main St. You have to look pretty close for the building because it’s almost obscured by large bushes that completely hide the front and sides of this small building. The last listing in the Troy directory is in 1992. So, the building was only occupied for about five years and has been vacant ever since, which explain the heavy overgrowth.  

Now what’s this got to do with the Troy Historical Society you may ask. Nothing, except that some day that little insignificant building will be gone and then people will be saying “What was that building used for at Dye Mill and E. Main?” or “Do you remember that little ol'  building at Dye Mill & E. Main?” and you will be able to say “Why, yes I do”

If, you do remember that building and had an occasion to visit it to take care of business, or for any other reason have any knowledge about it let us know, we would like to hear more and include it in our files.  


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