Didjano..... the dead moved in Troy?

In the 1800's the city cemetery was located near the cross streets of Union Street and Franklin Street, where Forest School now sits. In 1849 a group of citizens bought five acres of land on a hill site north of the river, at the corner of the road to Urbana and the old Piqua Pike and called it Rose Hill Cemetery. This cemetery continued to be a private cemetery until 1915, then it was turned over to the city.

Didjano.... that some of the Troy citizens moved their departed loved ones interned in the unkept city cemetery to the newly created Rose Hill Cemetery? There were also three Revolutionary War soldiers moved from other burying grave grounds and re-interred at Rose Hill.


It has been said that when the B & O RR was brought through Troy it took some of the cemetery, which caused some bodies to be moved to the Riverside Cemetery. Prior to this Troy citizens were encouraged to use the Riverside Cemetery because Rose Hill was filling up. Some even moved their loved ones from Rose Hill cemetery to Riverside Cemetery for one reason or another.

Then when the Urbana/Staunton Road was updated it also took part of the cemetery and therefore more bodies had to be moved or relocated.

 At present this old Rose Hill Cemetery is showing lots of wear and tear with the head stones deteriorating, broken and tumbled over, even so I can’t imagine any more bodies being moved. Unless of course they need additional parking space or perhaps build another school there.

Since we are here, didjano.... there are war veterans of eight war conflicts represented in this historic Rose Hill Cemetery?

There is a marker, placed by the Troy Historical Society in 1969, dedicated to those who lost there lives in these wars. This is a very impressive representation of Troy’s contribution to the dedication for the fight of freedom and the democratic way of life that we espouse.

There are representatives here from the American Revolution, The Indian Campaigns, War of 1812, Mexican War, Civil war, and the Spanish American War. This information was compiled by Thomas B. Wheeler in 1966.

If you’re interested, there are more detailed information on these soldiers at the Troy Local Historical Library at 100 West Main Street. Also, there are files of information on Rose Hill Cemetery, as well as many other cemeteries in and around Troy. Some still exist others do not.

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