DidjanoÖ.. that Short St is not the shortest street in town?

Short Street runs from Water Street to La Fayette and Drury intersection, itís about 5 blocks long and runs along the north side of the court house. Off the top of your head do you know of a shorter street? Maybe you could think of one thatís two blocks long or even a block long.  

Do you know where Browns Drive is? Even if youíve traveled Dye Mill Rd. you could miss it. You would have to look pretty hard to even read the street sign, not because itís hidden by shrubs or trees, as some are, but because the sign has weathered over the years and has not been maintained. The first time I saw it I was amazed because of its location.

While I was out photographing old houses, I pulled over and stopped under the sign. I didnít realize the significance of this until I was writing down the address of the building I was in front of. The address on the buildings sign was not Browns Dr. it was Dye Mill.

So there was a street sign that was, on all appearances the drive way for the water plant. I guess you figured that out by now. So, how long is this street? I donít know because itís not on any street maps or plot maps. Itís not even a block long by all indications itís an entrance to the water plants parking lot which is off to the left as you enter the street, or ďDriveĒ as it designates itself.

Whatís this got to do with local history? Nothing of great significance, but it is an interesting little tidbit for the trivia fan.  


                                  Browns Dr                                                            City of Troy Treatment Plant

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