Didjano …….. Eldean was a Hamlet of Troy?

By Wesley A. Jones

How many of you remember a hamlet called Eldean? My wife remembers going to school with someone from Eldean and also remembers a road sign declaring the location of Eldean. I suppose most everyone knows where the covered bridge is and the Eldean road. So, it’s natural to assume that Eldean the hamlet is somewhere nearby. The road sign is gone and so are some of the structures of this little hamlet. While tripping through the book Troy - The Nineteenth Century” by Thomas Bemis Wheeler published in 1970, I came across some interesting facts about Eldean. For example, The Allen & Wheeler Flour Mill at the canal lock three miles north of Troy with its cluster of houses had always been referred to as the Allen Mill. Some years after T. B. Wheeler’s younger daughter, Ellen Dean Wheeler, was born in 1882, her first two names were contracted to form the word “Eldean”, and the mill, grain elevator, and houses there henceforth became known as “Eldean” (pg210).

About 1890 an electric railway was built between Troy and Piqua following the Miami & Erie Canal to Farrington, Eldean and the county fairgrounds. About 1914 two accommodation trains ran between with a stop at Farrington and Eldean (pgs 160 & 194).  

So where is Eldean? You’ve probably guessed by now that it was along an area of route 25A (then known as Piqua Rd ) and Eldean Rd. If you travel 25A you can see the old DeWeese house on the south west side. Maybe you’ve noticed over the years that it has been under renovation. The current owner has lived there for almost thirty years and has been restoring and upgrading, which is becoming more and more apparent.

Naturally, right across the street is the old elevator (now the Troy Elevator), which has also gone through some renovations and upgrades.

I have a feeling there are some folks out there that lived in Eldean or has memories of Eldean and the people that lived or worked there. If so, we would like to hear from you. After all, it’s Miami County ’s history we are trying to preserve and you are apart of it.

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