Didjano about the land speculation along 25A?

When the rails were laid along the 25A corridor for travel between Troy and Dayton, there was some land along the tracks, approximately where WACO is presently located, small houses were starting to pop up in hopes of increasing in value. A case in point is a strip of land that is 56 feet wide by 1,995 feet in length; which runs parallel to the tracks. This strip is still privately owned and covers the area right in front and south edge of the WACO property from Dye Mill Rd.  

The tracks eventually faded into the sunset and the land value didnít do as well as anticipated. Eventually the houses started to deteriorate due to lack of interest by the various owners. The area started to become unsightly and one by one the houses disappeared.  

However, there is one still standing. It has been abandoned and is almost obscured by the heavy overgrowth around it. This lot is only 56 feet wide and is owned by someone in Piqua who also owns another 56 foot wide lot next to it. Even though it is just a few feet from the pavement of 25A it would be hard to see during the leafy months of the year. The only reason you would give it a second look would be the mail box that sits on the curb of the highway.  

There are tales to be heard of this building and the others that have faded away. Iím sure one day this building will also disappear for one reason or another but it has been photographed. A file has been set up at the history center for any and all additional information and pictures that you could give it. Someone in the future will be looking for it, and information about it, because they had a relative that lived there or near by.


                   West side view                                                                      East side view

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