DidjanoÖ.. that Robbinsville is dying?  

Robbinsville? What?  Where is Robbinsville? You wonít find it on a map, but it does exist or did. To some it has fond memories and good times. Itís an area that has some what of a mystique about it. It was located on the southern outskirts of Troy . A small community of low income bread winners with few material possessions, but did not lack companionship, and a sense of community awareness. The name was an unofficial one which was donned by the inhabitants and possibly others out ide the environs of this community.  

Robbinsville was that area at the cross roads of Dye Mill Rd and S. Market or County Road 25A. It comprised a multitude of rental properties and a night club. Perhaps the reputation of the area was largely in part due to the night club there.  

The night club is now being used by a trucking firm and most of the rental houses are abandoned. The few that are still being used are in the back side of the property and almost hidden from view from the highway, although a duplex is still right on the corner of Dye Mill & 25A.  

One of the mischievous deeds perpetrated by the kids of this community was to find a car at the bar that wasnít locked and proceed to push it to another section of the property. You can see where an inebriated person or persons would soon become sobered when they couldnít find their car right away. So, the kids were doing a good thing, right? They kept a drunk of the road for a while and by the time they found the car they had sobered up a little more. At any rate the kids thought it was a great prank, and so do I.  

The kids in this neighborhood didnít lack for entertainment. Between playing basketball, baseball or stickball and other games kids make up to entertain them selves, they developed a close relationship, not unlike any other neighborhood where a lot of kids are brought together due to no circumstance of their own. Iím sure you have fond memories of your childhood and the neighborhood where you grew up. If youíre so inclined, we would like to hear about your neighborhood experiences.  By Wesley A. Jones

Robbinsville Troy Ohio - photo by Louise (Vanover)  Vore


So I thought you needed these pictures for history. These photos were provided by Louise Vanover Vore and Wesley A. Jones.




Although I'm not in this picture, I did live here from 1950 to 1960 and this how it come about.  By the time I was 5 years old I had had several  bouts of whooping cough and the doctor told my parents that if I went through one more Ohio winter I might have to have my left lung removed. So Mom and I went to Florida for a year. To keep his job at City Transfer, Dad stayed in Troy with my brother Bill. Before we returned to Troy, Dad informed Mom that some new houses had been built south of Troy and he had rented one of them. Iím sure this news made mom happy because she had never lived in a new house. When she finally saw the new house she just stood there and cried. I donít think she was crying tears of happiness.  Steve Woosley 2011



                                                                GOODBYE ROBBINSVILLE                    MORE REMEMBRANCES OF ROBBINSVILLE

September, 2008: An AAMCO auto repair shop has opened with Dan Mader running it.

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