Didjano.... Troy is not unique!  

 It is true that Troy Ohio is not unique. I think a lot of you know that there is a City of Troy in other states. Can you list some of them?

We have come across some Troy cities in other states during the course of our travels and marveled that there was more than one. We have maybe seen a half a dozen signs on the road of Troy cities. Being a west coast resident for neigh on to 60 years and then moving to Troy, OH about five years ago, I hadnít paid much attention to cities with the name of Troy.

I asked my wife, Rosemary, if she knew there was more than one Troy and she answered in a matter of fact way, yes! After all, she was born and raised here so she should know things like that. So I asked her if she had any idea of how many Troys there were in the good ol US of A? She said she didnít know for sure but she would guess about a dozen. Well, guess again. Do you know how many Troys there are?

Let me tell you a thing or two. Didjano... there are seven Troys that are County seats?  Troy Pike Co. Alabama, Troy Doniphan Co. Kansas, Troy Lincoln Co. Missouri, Troy Nye Co. Nevada, Troy Rensslelaer Co. New York, Troy Montgomery Co. North Carolina and of course Troy Miami Co. Ohio. Did you list any of these states?

Didjano... there are two Troys in the state of Arkansas, in the counties of Ouachita and Drew? There are two Troys in Michigan, in the counties of Oakland and Newaygo. How about this, you probably knew there was a Troy in Pennsylvania, but Didjano... there are really three, one in each counties of Bradford, Clearfield and Jefferson?

So how many is that? About fourteen? Is that all? No!!! Well then, how many are there? Would you believe thirty eight? Itís true, out of the fifty states there are thirty-two with the city of Troy in them. In this regard Troy, Ohio is not unique. However, Our city is a unique Troy City, donít you think? Even if you havenít visited the other thirty-one cities. Of course, if you ask the other Troy citizens they would probably say the same thing.  

For more information on this fantastic revelation, at least it was to me, check out the web site that has a map of all the cityís and lot more detailed data and fun information.


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