From A History of Miami County , Ohio (1807-1953)

Written by people of Miami County under supervision of Leonard U. Hill

To help celebrate the Ohio Sesquicentennial.

After purchasing a farm from James Brown, located in Concord Township , but later resold without being used, the Commissioners in 1836 bought the present Miami County Home farm on which a brick poor house, as it was then called, was completed in 1840.  The number of occupants reported for the first year was nineteen.  Since the first building was poorly constructed and inadequate as to accommodations, a new building was authorized in 1852 and occupied in 1854.  This building was 116 feet long and 46 feet wide with a hall extending the length through the center of each floor.  It consisted of an elevated basement, two principal stories, and an attic eight feet in height which gave the appearance of a four-story building.  Before the new building was completed, a violent storm tumbled the old building down on the heads of the inmates, injuring many.

 By 1879 the number of inmates had increased to 116.  This number included boys and girls who were soon to be transferred to the new Children’s Home.  

On May 20, 1886, a contract was let to T. R. Townsend for building an additional building for the Miami County Infirmary to accommodate the permanently insane.  This is today at the rear of the south end of the main building.  

The present main building was completed in 1927 while Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Thomas were superintendent and matron. A new barn was also built in 1930 under their supervision to replace the round barn that had been destroyed by fire.  

Since January 1, 1940, the occupants of the Miami County Home, who generally number about one hundred, having an average age of seventy years, have been under the watchful care of Mr. and Mrs. Chester Kreider.

 Index to Miami County Home Records

Paupers Register 1842 – 1872

Compiled by Montgomery Co. Chapter of Ohio Genealogical Society

 The list was compiled by Rachel Engle from the microfilmed index located at the

Local History Library, 100 W. Main St. , Troy , OH 45373

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