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Miami County, Ohio
Published Resources

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ARCHIVES and SPECIAL COLLECTIONS,  Wright State University   Miami County, Ohio, Local Government Records


Baby, Ross F. The Randolph Slave Resettlement. (Piqua)

Biographical History of Miami County Ohio,  Lewis Pub Co.  (1900)

Boggs, Ralph E. Historical Highlights of the Village of Covington.

Bosserman and Weimer   Index to Miami County Recorder Deeds 1807-1863

Bosserman, Joseph H.    Cemetery Inscriptions of Newberry Twp  (1981)

Bosserman, Joseph H.   1820 Census of Miami County Ohio

Bosserman, Joseph H.   1830 Census of Miami County Ohio

Bosserman, Joseph H.   1840 Census of Miami County Ohio

Bosserman, Joseph H.  1850 Census Index of Miami County Ohio

Boese, Virginia G.   1827 Quadrennial Census of Miami County Ohio

Boese, Virginia G.   1835 Quadrennial Census of Miami County Ohio

Boese, Virginia G.   Miami County Solders of the American Revolution

Brien, Lindsay M.   Miami Valley (Ohio) Pioneers (1970)

Buckles and Creech    Cemetery Inscriptions Monroe Twp (1997)

Centennial of Pleasant Hill, Oh. 1866-1966.

Davis and Ireton   Quaker Records of the Miami Valley  (1980)

Friends of Historical Society of Troy. Troy of Yesterday.

Garst, Jesse O., History of the Church of the Brethren.

Gilmore, Helen. D. The History of the John Randolph Freed Slaves. (Piqua)

Graham, Albert B. A History of Lena-Conover.

Harbaugh, Thomas C. Centennial History, Troy, Piqua and Miami Co (1909)

Hill, Leonard U. A History of Miami County, Ohio (1807-1953).

Hill, Leonard U. John Johnston and the Indians. (Piqua)

Hill, Leonard U. Scrapbook on Local and Regional History. (western Ohio)

Hill, Leonard U. Westminster United Presbyterian Church,  Piqua, 1812-1962.

History Of Miami County Ohio,  1880

Honeyman, Gale E. History of the Village of Laura, Ohio.

Hover, John C. Memoirs of the Miami Valley.

Kinder, William Rusk Historic Notes of Miami County.

The Miami County Historical Society History of Miami County, Ohio. (1981)

Miller, Marcus Roots by the River ... German Baptist Brethren.

Morgan, Arthur E. The Miami Valley and the 1913 Flood.

Oda, James C. Col. John Johnston, the Piqua Years.

Oda, James C. Piqua and the Miami and Erie Canal.

Oda, James C. Piqua's Black Heritage, 1800-1900.

Oda, James C. Women and Temperance, Piqua, Ohio

Perry, Robert E. History of "Bradford Through the Years".

Piqua Historical Society. A Diversity of Piqua Industry.

Porcher, Connie M. Heritage Preserved ... Historic District, Piqua.

Rayner, John A. The First Century of Piqua.

Sterrett, Frank M. A History of Miami County.

Stillwell, Anna D. Golden Jubilee History of Troy Central WCTU.

Trostel, Scott D.   Bradford, the Railroad Town.

Troy Historical Society Historic Troy, Ohio.

Wagner, Dean R. Historic Piqua -- an Architectural Survey.

Walker, Joan. A Short History of the Blacks in Piqua, Oh.

West Milton Union Township, Miami County, Ohio Bicentennial Souvenir.

West Milton's Sesquicentennial, 1807-1957.

Wheeler, Thomas B. Miami County and the Civil War.

Wheeler, Thomas B.   Troy, the 19th Century.

Wright, Terry D.   Echoes of the Miami Valley.



Atlas of Miami County, Ohio.

County of Miami, Ohio, an Imperial Atlas and Art Folio, 1894.

Illustrated Historical Atlas of Miami County, Ohio.

Miami County, Ohio, Farm Plat Book and Directory.

Miami County, Ohio Plat Book, Index of Owners, City Street Maps.

Plat Book of Miami County, Ohio.

Township Plat Book, Miami County.



The following newspapers, both past and present, were published in Miami County Ohio. Not all of them have been preserved. Those which have been preserved are on microfilm. Consult your local library or research facility regarding availability via interlibrary loan.

Listed is the town in which published, the years published, how often published, notes.

 (Arcanum) Enterprise, 1888-1915,weekly 

 (Arcanum) Times, 1899-now, weekly    

 (Arcanum) Tribune, 1882-1889, weekly 

 (Bradford) Sentinel, 1884-1957,weekly, aka Independent Sentinel 

 (Covington) Gazette, 1870-1910, weekly, aka Stillwater Valley Gazette

 (Covington) Stillwater News, 1925-now, weekly 

 (Covington) Tribune, pre 1925                                             

 (Piqua) Piqua Call, 1883-now, daily, aka Press-Dispatch              

 (Piqua) Citizen, 1904-1904 weekly                                   

 (Piqua) Correspondent, 1878-1894, weekly, Printed in German 

 (Piqua) Courier, 1835-1840,weekly, aka West.Courier & Piq.Enquirer 

 (Piqua) Miami Democrat, 1864-1882, weekly, aka Piqua Democrat

 (Piqua) Dispatch, 1886-1901 daily, merged with Daily Leader  

 (Piqua) Enquirer, 1849-1865, weekly       

 (Piqua) Gazette, 1820-1834 weekly,  Title varies, see other entries 

 (Piqua) Register Of News 1820-1834,weekly, aka Piqua Gazette   

 (Piqua) Miami Farmers, 1820-1834,weekly, aka Piqua Gazette               

 (Piqua) Western Atheneum, 1820-1834,weekly, aka Piqua Gazette  

 (Piqua) Headlight,1899-1899 ? weekly

 (Piqua) Herald, 1883-1884, weekly 

 (Piqua) Intelligencer, 1840-1841,weekly 

 (Piqua) Journal, 1865-1901, weekly

 (Piqua) Leader-Dispatch, 1888-1919, weekly, also see Piqua Dispatch 

 (Piqua) Miami Co. Democrat, 1860-1861, weekly         

 (Piqua) Miami Democrat, 1864-1882, weekly 

 (Piqua) Helmet, 1874-1911 weekly                                   

 (Piqua) Leader-Journal, 1882-1912, weekly, Miami Leader                 

 (Piqua) Miami Valley News, 1869-1870, weekly                               

 (Piqua) Miami Valley News, 1869-1879, daily 

 (Piqua) Piqua Register, 1841-1862, weekly, aka Miami Valley Resister 

 (Piqua) Press-Dispatch, 1915-1922, daily, Merged with Piqua Daily Call    

 (Piqua) Daily Press, 1915-1919, merged with Piqua Daily Call    

 (Tipp City   ---Note---> Pre 1938 it was Tippecanoe   

 (Tippecanoe) Herald, 1869-now, weekly, aka Tipp City Herald            

 (Troy) Buckeye, 1876-1909 weekly                                  

 (Troy) Democrat, 1880-1948 weekly   aka Miami County Democrat      

 (Troy) Miami Union, 1864-1953 weekly 

 (Troy) News, 1849-1849?                                      

 (Troy) Daily News, 1909-now  daily  

 (Troy) Sentinel, 1878-1880 weekly 

 (Troy) Troy Times, 1830-1871,weekly 

 (West Milton Record), 1892-now                                       


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