Starting in the year 1615 with the birth of

Dietrich Bassermann

Joseph H. Bosserman

It was Dietrich's Great-Great-Grandson Johann Michael Bassermann who came to America on the ship Hampshire,  landing at Philadelphia on 7 September 1748.   According to German custom this immigrant ancestor always went by Michael Basserman,  never Johann Michael Bassermann.

Michael Bassermann was born on 19 Dec 1726 in Dornigheim Germany, one of the eight children born to Johann Daniel and Appolonia Bassermann.  He was their second born child and oldest son.   When Michael was a young man of twenty-two he left his native home land and sailed for America on the ship Hampshire.    Three ships (Hampshire, Judith, and Two-Brothers)  sailed together and their crossing took 31 days.

It was in America that Michael met Christina Dierdorff,  a daughter of Johannes and Margaret (Earheart) Dierdorff.   Michael and Christina were married about the year 1755 in York County Pa and that is where they lived out the remainder of their lives.   Their farm and old stone home  was on a piece of land known as "Point Petry" in Reading Township of York County.   Due to land boundaries changes in January 1800 the location  of their homestead is now in Reading Township of Adams County Pa.   Looking on today's roadmap the nearest town is East Berlin PA.    Michael and Christina's graves  may be seen in the graveyard beside Mummert's Church Of  The Brethren Meetinghouse near East Berlin Pa.   

Michael died during November 1793 and Christina during April 1794.  They were first buried on their farm and later (circa 1910) moved to the churchyard beside The Mummert's Church Of The Brethren Meetinghouse.  To view a photo of Michael or Christina's gravestone click on their name(s).

It is believed that before coming to America Michael was raised in The German Reformed Church but due to Christina's strong family influence he became a member of the Brethren Group then commonly known as Tunkers or Dunkers.

Michael and Christina (Dierdorff) Bassermann had twelve children,  six boys and six girls.   Nine of these,  perhaps ten,  lived to marry and have children of their own.  The children's names and spouses are shown below.  

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