This photo shows some of the graves in the yard beside The Mummert's of The Brethren Meeting House. About one fourth of the cemetery's graves are shown here.   In the center of the photo  there are two long strips of stones set in rows of cement.  In these two rows are the fourteen graves that were moved from the old Bosserman Family Farm circa 1910.   In the back  row, the sixth stone from your left is Michael's.   And his wife Christina's is the seventh from your left.   This photo was taken on 12 August 1976 by Joe Bosserman of Covington, Miami Co., Ohio.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        This This is a close up photo of Johann Michael Bassermann's gravestone. It is engraved with fancy German lettering. The stone itself is carved from a slab of slate. This photo of the stone makes it look larger than it is. It is around three feet in height and about two inches thick. Even though there are no dates on the stone we know from other sources that Michael was born in Germany on 19 December 1726 and died during November 1793. He had came to America during 1748. Also see the photo of his wife Christina's gravestone and a photo of the cluster of Bosserman gravestones that Michael's stone is in.



 The gravestone of Christina Dierdorff Bassermann in the graveyard beside The Mummert's Church Of  The Brethren Meetinghouse.   She died in April 1774 and is buried beside her husband Michael Basserman.  Both Christina and Michael were first buried on their farm, then circa 1910 moved to the meetinghouse yard.  Christina's gravestone is of the same type as her husband's and two of their children,  Hannah and Peter.   All of these stones are amoung a cluster of Bosserman gravestones.


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