John Bosserman 


John Bosserman was born on 22 April 1772 on the Bosserman Homestead in Reading Township, York (now Adams) County Pennsylvania.  He was the seventh born  child of Johnann Michael and Christina (Dierdorff) Bassermann.    John married in Oct 1795 to Anna Maria Bushey who was born on 10 Aug 1771, a daughter of Johann Nicholas and Anna Margaret (Schmalbnberger) Bushey.

It was John and his descendants that remained on the old Bosserman Homestead Farm in Reading Township until it was sold out of the Bosserman family in the early 1900s.  It was on that farm that many of the early Bosserman were first buried.   Many of the Bosserman graves were moved at that time into the cemetery beside The Mummerts Church Of The Brethren Meeting House near East Berlin Pennsylvania.

John and Anna Maria Bosserman had nine children who's names, births, and spouses are shown below:

          1...Anna Margaret Bosserman  1798-1883,  married John Trimmer
          2...Christina Bosserman  1800-1852,  married Samuel Trimmer
          3...Maria Bosserman  1801-(     ),  no further record
          4...Jacob Bosserman  1803-1873,  married Elizabeth Oberholtzer
          5...Catharine Bosserman  1806-1883,  never married
          6...Hannah Bosserman  1808-1877,  never married
          7...John Bosserman  1810-1881,  married Catharine Brillhart
          8...Peter Bosserman  1813-1885,  never married
          9...Daniel Bosserman  1815-1886,  married Susan Lerew

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