First  American born generation

 Hannah  Bosserman

 c 1763-(      )

The only facts that we now have about Hannah are that she was a daughter of Johann and Christina (Dierdorff) Bosserman and that she died in her youth.   Her gravestone tells us that she was their daughter.   I have guessed at her approxment year of birth and her place in the birth order of her siblings.

There are no dates on her gravestone,  which  by the way  is engraved in the German language.   Hannah's stone is exactly like the stones of her parent's and the one of her brother Peter's.   All of these were first buried on the Bosserman farm,  then moved to the cemetery beside the Mummerts Church Of  The Brethren Meeting House  when the farm was sold out of the family during the early 1900s.

Hannah is the only one of the twelve Bosserman children not memtioned in the Wills of the father (1793) and mother (1794).  The reason, of course, being that she had died years before.


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