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The Computerized Heritage Association is a small non-profit group interested in hobby genealogy and the advancement of the hobby by computerizing records in such a way that they may be reproduced and shared freely with other hobbyists. Individuals may be members of various genealogy or historical societies; however, as a group, Computerized Heritage Association is not associated with, nor does it direct favor, toward any other group. 

The Association is based in Miami County, Ohio but that is only because it was founded by several genealogy enthusiasts living in Miami County, Ohio at the time of its formation (circa 1993). Members may live anywhere. The way to become a member is to volunteer to help type records. The Association uses a computerized format so that these records can be integrated smoothly into a database and given to the public free of charge. There are no dues or membership fees. The only "pay" a member receives from belonging is the satisfaction of helping others. 

The group sponsors a growing on-line index of over 550,000 records known as the Miami Valley Genealogy Index (MVGI). At this time the MVGI may be accessed from links from many genealogy pages. The Index itself is on-line from two URLs, with a third to come. 

The Computerized Heritage Association also sponsors this web site, Miami County, Ohio Genealogical Researchers as well as the Miami County, Ohio Genealogy Mail List. Members have indexed selected records from twelve southwestern Ohio counties known as Ohio's Miami Valley. These counties are Butler, Champaign, Clark, Darke, Green, Hamilton, Mercer, Miami, Montgomery, Preble, Shelby, and Warren. 

If you wish to help the group input records, please contact: webmaster

Joe Bosserman Joe Bosserman  1930 - 2010

Below are the members of the Computerized Heritage Association. Some have typed or abstracted records. Some furnished photocopies of records to be included. Others have helped with computer programming or web page design. If you helped and your name is not listed, please contact the Webmaster at the link above so that you may be included.

Besecker,  Barbara

Booher, Mary Ann

Bosserman, Joe

Byrkett, Carol

Campbell, Barb

Carcey, Casandra

Clark, Ken

Cruea, Judy

Deeter, Judy

Duncan, Daryl

Engle, Rachel Vore

Friend, Jeannine

Gallager, Glen

Garchow, Wally

Graef, Barb

Don Graef

Hecker, Cathy

Hemmert, Judy

Hermansen, Kathryn

Hommerblocker, Robin

Honeyman, Gale

Hopkins, Roger A.

Jones, Wesley A.


Kessler, Floyd

Meeker, George

Miller, Glen

Montgomery, Doug

Moyer, Juda Bagley

Peterson, Deanna

Pons, Judy

Porcher, Connie

Pour, Ellen West

Roberts, Pam

Russell, Cynthia Nichols

Ryan, Linda

Smith, Danita

Smith, Diana

Snyder, Vicki (and sister)

Stewart, Martin

Torres, Jane Barr

Tucker, Tim

Vandivier, Kermit

Vore, Louise Vanover

Weimer, Karl

Wilson, Debbie



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