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Centennial History
Troy, Piqua, and Miami County Ohio
and Representative Citizens
Published 1909
Edited and Compiled by
Thomas C. Harbaugh
Casstown, Ohio
Literary Journalist, Secretary of the Maryland Association of Ohio

"History is Philosophy Teaching By Example"

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Preface  This is the preface as written by the original publishers

Chapter 1 Introductory and Descriptive

Chapter 2 First white man in the county

Chapter 3 Formation of the county, the home in the wilderness

Chapter 4 Thrilling incidents of Pioneer Life

Chapter 5 Early transportation

Chapter 6 The western townships, Washington, Concord, Monroe, Union, Newton, Newberry.

Chapter 7 The eastern townships, Brown, Springcreek, Lostcreek, Staunton, Elizabeth, and Bethel.

Chapter 8 Troy, the county seat

Chapter 9  Piqua, the border city

Chapter 10 Miami In The Wars

Chapter 11 The Bench and Bar, famous trials, etc

Chapter 12 Educational

Chapter 13 The Press, Literary Achievements, etc

Chapter 14 Agriculture

Chapter 15 Public Institutions

Chapter 16 Banks and Banking

Chapter 17 The Medical Profession, past and present

Chapter 18 The Pioneer Preacher

Chapter 19 Present Religious Denominations of Miami County

Chapter 20 County Politics Old and New

Chapter 21 Some County History not generally known

Chapter 22 Manufacturers of the past and present.

Chapter 23 Fraternal Orders, Build & Loan Associations, population, etc

Photos Selected photos from the book "Centennial History of Miami County Ohio, 1909"  Many of them may also be viewed from within the biography or chapter they pertain to.

Biographies Pages 281-857 in this book are Biographies.  There are over 600 of them in this history, and they are on-line here. You may access them from here or from the Main Biography Section that is found on the
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