Earl Webster Thomas, the energetic proprietor of a thriving and prosperous grocery business in the heart of Covington, was born in Montgomery county, Ohio, July 25, 1879, a son of Irvin and Sarah (Tibbs) Thomas.  The family originated in South Carolina, whence it migrated to Indiana and several of its members then became among the very earliest settlers of Miami County.  Caleb Mendenhall Thomas, the grandfather of Earl W., was a Quaker and one of the first settlers close to Covington, while the grandmother of Mr. Thomas is said to have been the first white child born in Union township, Miami county.  Irvin Thomas was a life-long agriculturist in Montgomery county, with the exception of the three years and eight months that he spent as a Union soldier in the Civil war, during which time he took part in numerous engagements and was a participant in Sherman's march to the sea.  There were twelve children in the family, of whom five are now living.  Earl Webster Thomas was educated in the public schools of Montgomery county, and after his graduation from the Irlington high school, began working with his brother on the home farm.  Agricultural pursuits, however, did not appeal to him, and, having decided to enter mercantile lines, December 8, 1902, he came to Covington and secured employment in the grocery and bakery of Mr. Knoop.  At the end of eight years Mr. Thomas bought a half interest in the business, and for the following eight years the partnership continued.  November 18, 1918, Mr. Thomas bought his partner's holdings and since that time has been the sole proprietor.  Through ability, integrity, industry and courtesy he has built up and maintained, during the period of his ownership, a large, lucrative and representative patronage.  His establishment, situated in the heart of the city, carries a full line of staple and fancy groceries and bakery goods, and the business has won an established and substantial place in the confidence and esteem of the buying public.  Mr. Thomas is a member of the Masonic fraternity, in which he has numerous friends, as he also in business circles.  He has always been a good citizen, and during the period of the war contributed his full share to the movements promulgated by the government.  Mr. Thomas married Agnes, daughter of Gideon and Anna Rench, of Covington, and to this union there have come four children: Mary Lee, born in 1903; Martha Bell, born in 1906; Maud Janet, born in 1911, and James William, born in 1915.

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