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    Aaron F. Thomas, farmer P. O. Troy; is one of our prominent men, and was born in Concord Township June 12, 1836; his vocation mainly being that of a farmer, he has for the past sixteen years (during the winter months) been engaged in teaching vocal music. His father, Samuel Thomas, was born in Kentucky, Feb. 24, 1790, and came to this county in 1805; his neighbors were Indians, of whom the nearest was the noted chief, Kilbuck, who figured prominently in the war of 1812. At one time his father sold this chief some whisky, and Samuel carried it to him. Kilbuck became intoxicated; his son and Samuel were wrestling, and, as Samuel appeared to be getting the better of him, the chief became very angry, attempting to kill him; Samuel's life was saved only by his fleetness of foot. During the war of 1812, he helped capture both this noted chief and his son, which was a great degradation in their estimation. His wife, Elizabeth Gearheart, was born in Virginia May 15, 1796; she came this county in 1812, and they were married Dec. 26, 1815, and settled near Troy. Their outfit consisted of two knives and forks, two plates, and tin cups to match; their furniture consisted of two puncheon stools, a board being mortised in one for a back, which was used by Mrs. Thomas in spinning; all their clothing was manufactured by her skillful fingers. They were the parents of Silas A., Maria, John M., Charlotta, Charles. and Aaron F. Thomas, all of whom are living. Samuel was a plasterer by trade, and worked at the business for more than a half-century, plastering the first house in Troy, and also the first one in the county. He owned 160 acres of land, and was on the pension list of the old veterans of the war of 1812; his death occurred in July, 1878, at the advanced age of 88 years. Aaron F. Thomas was first married to Miss Belle McCain; they bad three children; Harry E., Edgar S. and Frankie, who died in infancy. Mr. Thomas enlisted in the navy, during the war of the rebellion, under Commodore Farraguth; he was discharged in June, 1864; soon after his return, his wife died; his health was much injured in the service, but he is now nearly recovered. His marriage with Miss Susan Patty was celebrated November, 1865; he resided on the Thomas home farm until 1879, when he purchased a farm of his father-in-law, Enoch Patty. Mr. Thomas has built a fine residence and barn upon it, and now lives at his ease. They have four children living, viz., Lizzie, Lucella, Omer and Mary. His wife's father, Enoch Patty, was born in 1815 ; he was married to Miss Catharine Kessler in March, 1841; her parents, John B. and Susan Kessler, also being pioneers. Mr. and Mrs. Patty were the parents of seven children, six of whom are now living. His first wife was Miss Curtis, by whom one son, William H. Patty, was born. Enoch is one of the wealthy farmers of this county, and his honorable dealings for a long period of years, have greatly endeared him to the people. Since his wife's death, in 1875, his daughters have kept house for him. We cannot hope to have him long with us, as he is afflicted with an incurable disease, but we wish to put his name on record among the first families of the county.

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