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    Daniel Young, retired farmer; P. O. Tippecanoe City was born in Washington Co., Md., in 1801. His parents emigrated to this State in about 1807, and settled near Dayton, where his mother died thirteen years later; his father then returned to Maryland and there passed the remainder of his days, departing this life in 1855. Daniel, having been brought up on the farm, continued at that business, working by the month at different places for about two years in Indiana. In 1826, June 2, he married Elizabeth Shroyer also a native of Maryland, but the exact date of her birth is not known; she was a resident of Miami Co. at the time of her marriage. In the course of about a year they moved to Montgomery Co. they lived on rented farms till 1834, when they returned to Miami Co., and he worked for about two years at what he could get to do; a part of the time by the month, on a farm, at $7 per month; in 1836, he bought 80 acres of land in the woods, in Sec. 15 , Bethel Township, and went to work to convert the dense forest into a home; by excessive hard labor, however, he has succeeded in getting a very comfortable place to live. He has been a cripple for nearly thirty years, which was caused by the bursting of a ligament, allowing the joint-water of the knee to escape; notwithstanding his lameness, and the many hardships he has undergone, he is a very lively man for his age. And his wife, also, who is only six or seven years younger than himself, is as active as many a woman at 50. They are the parents of six children; David D., Louisa, Susanna, Mary C., Benjamin F. and Sarah, deceased.

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