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    ELIAS WOLF, retired farmer; P.O. Piqua: was born in Montgomery Co., Ohio, Nov. 9, 1805, where he received a medium education by the privileges of winter month's school; during the summer, his time was occupied in agricultural pursuits; in 1839, he came to this county and bought his present farm in Sec. 18 and 12; he has by good farming, business habits and industry, since added to his farm, until he now owns over 200 acres. December, 1827, Mr. Wolf married Elizabeth Kaylor, who was born in Montgomery Co., Ohio, April 9, 1812, and have had eight children, viz., Lovina, born Oct. 12, 1828; Lucinda, born March 15, 1831, who died April 29, 1851; Mary A., born July 21, 1834; Elizabeth, born Nov. 20, 1837; John H., born Feb. 11, 1843, whose signature is given for this work; Daniel K., whose biography will appear in some part of this work; Catherine A., born Jan. 22, 1847, who, in 1854 was consigned to the silent tomb; and Samantha A., born Feb. 10, 1850. Elias Wolf is the son of Peter Wolf, who was born in Pennsylvania, in 1780, and during life followed farming. About the close of the eighteenth century, he married Catharine Kaylor, who was a native also of Pennsylvania; early in the nineteenth century, they came to Montgomery Co., Ohio, where they both lived and died, she in 1864, and he in 1845; by this union they had six children that reached maturity, of whom Elias is the oldest.

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