One of the most able and brilliant lawyers ever connected with the Miami County bar was born in Troy , November 13, 1865.  Here he grew to manhood, and upon his entry into the business world, spent two years in the employ of the Piqua National Bank, after which he was admitted to the bar.  For several years, Mr. and Mrs. Smith lived in Texas , both in San Antonio and Mercedes, where he was rated high among the men of his profession.  Upon his return to Piqua he entered the firm of Long & Bell, and since his work in that capacity, the firm of Long, Bell & Smith has been a power in the city.  For a short time before his death, Mr. Smith successfully carried on an extensive practice by himself.  He was married to Miss Harriet Jones, on September 17, 1889, and to this union were born two children, Mrs. Paul Murray, of Columbus, and Walter Smith at present of Santiago , Chili.  Robert Smith not only made a success of his life work, the practice of the law, but he was a man of unusual literary ability.  He loved the best in literature, and filled his mind with the great thoughts of the ages.  His keen judgment, brilliant wit, his unusual power as a story teller, made him a wonderful speaker.  His attachment to his loved ones, his allegiance to home ties was a prominent characteristic of his nature.  His love for his little grandson, Paul Murray, Jr., made the visits of the tiny boy a rare delight.  Even during the days of pain, he asked frequently for the “Little Maj.” as he tenderly called him. Mr. Smith’s death occurred May 23, 1920, and his going away made a vacant place in Piqua that cannot be filled.  A sense of distinct loss was voiced everywhere for when a man of winning personality, of mental ability and of clean character passes, all must regret the loss, and all those who knew and loved him must grieve with a grief that can not easily be comforted.

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