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    Charles A. Swartz, who embarked in farming in a modest way after spending many years in one of the trades, and has worked his way to the ownership of 150 acres of good land, is one of the highly regarded agriculturists of Newberry township. Mr. Swartz was born at Covington, Ohio, in 1872, a son of John and Mary (Sedrick) Swartz. His father, who was a man of industry and an honorable citizen of Covington, was a veteran of the Civil war, in which he fought as a soldier of the Union. He and his wife were the parents of three sons: Charles A., John and Will. After acquiring a public school education at Covington, Charles A. Swartz applied himself to the task of learning the stone cutting trade, and after completing his apprenticeship became a Journeyman. A skilled workman, he had no difficulty in finding employment, and for a number of years traveled to various parts of the country, working at his trade. Eventually tiring of such a nomadic life, and desiring a settled home, he decided to take up farming as a vocation and accordingly purchased a small plot of ground near Pleasant Hill. His industry and close application brought him success in this venture, and he was encouraged to broaden the extent of his operations, with the result that he came to his present property in Newberry township. At this time Mr. Swartz is the owner of 150 acres of good land, on which he has modern improvements, including a comfortable home on Covington R.F.D. No. 1. He has always so conducted himself as to win the respect of his fellow-citizens, and his public spirit and loyalty have not been found wanting, as evidenced on a number of occasions, but particularly during the war period when he was a generous contributor to all movements and activities. Mr. Swartz married Elsie B., daughter of Daniel and Rachael Long, farming people of Miami county, who had two sons and one daughter. One of these sons, Joseph Long, had a son, Gaylord, who served in the United States Navy during the World war. Mr. and Mrs. Swartz are the parents of one son, Robert.

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