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    W. N. Stockstill. Since its establishment in Miami county many years ago, the Stockstill family has sustained the practical interest of the community and has manipulated with equal courage and ability the implements of the land-tiller and the weapons of the soldier. A worthy representative of this family is found in W. N. Stockstill, a prosperous agriculturist of Bethel township, who was born in this township, a son of J. P. and Jennie (Varner) Stockstill. One of Mr. Stockstill's sisters, Mrs. Bessie (Stockstill) Key, had two sons who fought as soldiers during the World war: Fred, who belonged to the engineers, and Otis, who was with the United States Marines, both graduates of the University of Tennessee. J. P. Stockstill was one of eleven children born to Elias and Elizabeth (Shroyer) Stockstill, and of these children seven sons fought as soldiers of the Union during the Civil war: Thomas. Ervin, Frank, who was wounded in action; Wilson, Walker, David and J.P. Stockstill passed his life as a farmer and was well and favorably known in Miami county, being the owner of a valuable property in Bethel township. On this farm W. N. Stockstill was reared and received his training in his life vocation, his education being acquired in the public schools. He has always devoted his energies to farming and the raising of stock and his labors have ,been rewarded by well-merited success. He married Miss Ethel Erwin and they are the parents of five children: Ruth, Helen, Lowell, Miriam and Howard.

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