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    Sumner Senseman. Several generations of the Senseman family have contributed to the agricultural development of Miami county and those bearing this name have been found invariably to be men of industry, energy and good citizenship. Among the representatives of this family in Bethel township, one who worthily maintains the highest principles and traditions of the name he bears is Sumner Senseman, a leading farmer and stock raiser and a citizen who has contributed to his community's welfare and progress. Mr. Senseman was born in Bethel township, Miami county, November 5, 1880, a son of Charles H. and Rhoda (Swallow) Senseman. His parents, natives of Ohio, passed their lives in the pursuits of farming here, and were known as honorable, God-fearing people, who tilled their acres with energy and who reared their family to lives of honesty and industry. They had four children to survive to maturity: Vera, wife of Harry C. Krider, of Tippecanoe, Ohio, died in October, 1918. A brother of Sumner Senseman, Homer O. Senseman, is a well- known farmer of Bethel township. Sumner Senseman obtained his education in the public schools and worked as his father's assistant on the home place until he reached the age of twenty years. At that time he commenced farming on his own account, and to this vocation he has devoted his activities uninterruptedly to the present time. Through painstaking labor and an intelligent use of modern methods he has developed a substantial property, one which pays him well for the labors which he expends upon it, and which bears the impress of his progressiveness in its modern improvements. This property, which Mr. Senseman has owned for sixteen years, is known as the old Studebaker and Coppock farm. Mr. Senseman was particularly active during the war period, when he was placed in charge of all Liberty bond drives in this township and likewise served on the executive committees of the war chest movement, was a solicitor for the Red, Cross, and gave his unqualified aid to the citizens' relief enterprise. On January 1, 1903, Mr. Senseman was united in marriage with Deda Coppock, daughter of Jacob and Susan (Studebaker) Coppock, and to this union there have been born five children: Maynard, Roland, Virginia, Burdette and Evangeline.

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