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    Prominently identified with the agricultural interests of Miami county, George Mumford is a representative of one of the pioneer families of this section of the state. His father, George Mumford, was born in Maryland, February 16, 1812, and died on the old homestead farm in Elizabeth township, this county, September 25, 1882, having reached the Psalmist's span of three score years and ten. His parents were John and Hannah Mumford, the former a native of England and the latter of Maryland. John Mumford died in Maryland, but his wife spent her last days in Ohio, attaining the very advanced age of one hundred and five years. In their family were fourteen children, those who came to Miami county being: Richard, who died in Shelby county, Ohio; John, the father of William R. Mumford, of Alcony; William, who spent his last days in Miami county, leaving a son, John, who yet resides in this section of the state; George, of this review; Elizabeth, wife of Preston Moore, who resides in Elizabeth township; Miranda, wife of Michael Cramer, who resides near Alcony; and Hannah, who married Jacob Dick and died at Miami City. All of that generation have now passed away, George Mumford, the father of our subject, having been the last survivor of the family.

    From Maryland the family came to the Buckeye state, and after one year spent in Muskingham county, George Mumford, Sr., returned to Maryland, where he was married, August 6, 1835, to Ruth Ann Martin, daughter of Isaac and Ruth Ann Martin. The began their domestic life in Muskingham county, and about 1845 located in Pike township, Clark county, where they remained until 1854. In that year they settled on the farm where their son, George, is now living. The land was covered with a heavy growth of timber and the father cleared the greater part of it himself, thus becoming the owner of one hundred and forty acres, constituting one of the valuable farming properties of the neighborhood. He also purchased two adjoining farms, his landed possessions thereby aggregating four hundred and sixteen acres. He operated the entire amount himself and did an extensive business, being one of the practical and progressive agriculturists of the community. He managed the property until his demise, although two years before his death he had a leg broken and was therefore obliged to ride over his farm in a buggy. The immediate cause of his death, however, was typhoid fever. He left a valuable property to be disposed of through his will. His wife died June 8, 1888. She was a member of the Lutheran church, and like her husband enjoyed the warm regard of many friends. In politics Mr. Mumford was a Whig until the dissolution of the party, when he joined the ranks of the new Republican party. He took an active interest in the substantial improvements of the county, and was largely instrumental in building free pikes in this section of the state. For eighteen years, or up to the time he was disabled by the accident, he served as a school trustee, and the cause of education found in him a warm friend.

    Unto Mr. and Mrs. Mumford were born ten children, two of whom died in early life. Those who survive are: Martha Josephine, wife of John Huggins, of Indiana; Elizabeth, wife of John Harrod, who is living near Troy, Ohio; Wilbur Harrison; Isaac; Maria M., wife of J. T. Hermann, of Elizabeth township; George; Melissa, wife of George Jackson, of Tippecanoe City; and Clara Belle, wife of John Rockey, of Lost Creek township. The three sons remained at home until their marriage, after which Harrison and Isaac located on farms owned by their father. George, however, remained with his father until his death and is now operating the old homestead.

    In the schools of the neighborhood George Mumford, Jr., received his education and early learned lessons of industry and enterprise under the direction of his father. He assisted in the work of the field and meadow throughout his minority and continued on the old homestead, which he inherited at the time of his father's death. He is now accounted one of the leading agriculturists of the community, his methods being systematic and commendable. The well tilled fields yield to him a golden tribute in return for his labors and the improvements upon the place indicate his care and supervision. For ten years he has served as school director and has labored most earnestly and effectively in securing good teachers and upholding the high standard of education in the township.

    On the 23d of December, 1883, Mr. Mumford was united in marriage to Miss Mary Ellen Boswell, daughter of George and Luvina (Taylor) Boswell. Her father was a native of Maryland and her mother of Indiana, whence she returned to Ohio at the age of fourteen years, living with an aunt, Luvina Goodwin, in Elizabeth township. Mr. and Mrs. Boswell were married in Miami county and are now residing near Alcony. Mrs. Mumford, the eldest of their seven children, was born in Elizabeth township, April 21, 1855, and by her marriage she has become the mother of four children: Blanche, Nora, Vernon Dale and Ruth. Mrs. Mumford is a member of the Methodist church. Mr. Mumford is a stalwart Republican in his political views and often attends the local conventions of his party. His life has been quietly passed, in the faithful performance of each day's duty, and he possesses those sterling traits of character which ever command respect and are at all times worthy of emulation.

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