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    Reuben Moore was born in Miami county, on the old family homestead, July 8, 1852, a son of Rufus and Lydia (Bennett) Moore. Gresham Moore was born in Wales in 1752, and his wife, Anna, was born in 1758. They had eight children: Lewis born in 1778; Reuben, born in 1791; Elias, born in 1792; Phebe, born in 1793; Philip, born in 1794; Catherine, born in 1795; Rachel, born in 1797; and Nancy, born in 1800. Lewis Moore, the grandfather of our subject, was born August 16, 1778, in New Jersey, and his wife, Susan Moore, was born in that state July 5, 1786. They were the parents of twelve children: Anna, who was born June 6, 1805, and died June 8, 1845; Rufus, the father of our subject; Eliza, born December 17, 1809; Sarah, born October 15, 1811; Elias, born October 5, 1813; Amy, born November 2, 1815; Anthony B., born November 5, 1817, and died February 14, 1839; Reuben, born October 14, 1819, and died October 9, 1849; Samuel, born January 13, 1822, and died July 27, 1823; Lydia, born November 29, 1823; Stephen G., born November 12, 1825; and Alpheus E., born April 5, 1828, and died August 17, 1858. The father of this family died May 8, 1859, and his wife passed away on the 19th of December, 1872.

    The father was born in Butler county, Ohio, March 13, 1807, and the mother's birth occurred in that county November 11, 1815. Her marriage was celebrated February 17, 1833, and was blessed with seven children: Nancy Jane, born August 23, 1836, became the wife of George McMillan and died July 1, 1886, leaving three children, Alva E., Harry W., and Elroy C. Mary Arm, who was born July 12, 1839; Lewis, who was born April 7, 1843, and died on the 16th of April of that year; Elias, born July 17, 1845, Theodore, born October 1, 1847, and Eliza, born August 6, 1850, and Reuben were the younger members of the family. Eliza is now the wife of A. Berryman, of Troy.

    William Bennett, the maternal great great-grandfather of our subject, was born in England, and came to this country shortly after the time William Penn arrived. He settled on an island in the Susquehanna river, and afterward opened copper mines in Pennsylvania. He was the father of nine children. His son, Thomas Bennett, was the father of George Bennett, the maternal grandfather of our subject. George Bennett was born in Virginia March 3, 1783, and his wife, Nancy, was born June 10, 1783. They were the parents of ten children: Henry, born August 25, 1814; Lydia, the mother of our subject; Thomas, born January 7, 1817; John, born April 7, 1818, and died on the 29th of September of the same year; Susanna, born July 21, 1819; Amelia, born January 27, 1821, and died July 17, 1825; Mary Ann, born June 10, 1823, and died July 5, 1825; George, born September 28, 1824, and died August 7, 1825; George, the second of the name, born July 14, 1826; and Elizabeth Ann, born April 23, 1831, and died in 1874. George Bennett, the father, died March 15, 1844, and his wife passed away in June, 1836.

    Rufus Moore, the father of our subject, made his home in Butler county, Ohio, for a short time after his marriage, and then removed to Loramie, Shelby county, Ohio, where he continued to make his abode until 1840. In that year he located on section 4, Staunton township, Miami county, and cleared the greater part of that farm, making excellent improvements thereon, transforming the wild land into a very valuable property. He died March 9, 1876, and his wife passed away April 14, 1855.

    Mr. Moore remained on the farm with his father until the latter's death, when he took charge of the old homestead and cultivated the land until 1879, when he removed to his present place of residence, constituting a part of the old homestead. He has here eighty acres of rich and arable land. All of the improvements upon the place stand as monuments to his thrift and enterprise. He has eight acres planted in an orchard, mostly of apple trees; his buildings and fences are kept in good repair and everything about the place is neat and thrifty in appearance.

    Mr. Moore was united in marriage, March 23, 1876, to Miss Florence E. Brandenburg, a daughter of Cornelius and Elizabeth Brandenburg, both of whom were natives of Maryland and came to Miami county in 1852. Six children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Moore: Nettie and Mamie, who died in infancy; Cornelius Allen, born August 6, 1880; Lewis E., August 5, 1882; Frank B., September 4, 1884; and Charlie H., September 1, 1886. Mr. Moore is a member of the Miami Grange and the Knights of Pythias fraternity. His wife is a member of the Pythian sisterhood and both are members of the Methodist Episcopal church of Bethel. For many years he has been connected with the agricultural societies of the county and during the entire time he has so conducted his affairs as to merit the confidence and esteem of the entire community. His wife also takes an active interest in all things pertaining to agriculture and horticulture. She is the efficient secretary of the Spring Creek and Staunton Township Farmers Club, and has been for over eight years. She has also served for several years as secretary of the Miami Horticultural Society. Mr. Moore is an up-to-date farmer, and he and his wife believe that honest, intelligent farmers are among the best class of citizens in this nation of free men.

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