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    That the plenitude of satiety is seldom attained in the affairs of life is to be considered as a most grateful and beneficial deprivation, for where ambition is satisfied and every ultimate aim realized--if such is possible--there must follow individual apathy. Effort will cease, accomplishments be prostrate and creative talent waste its energies in supine inactivity. The men who have pushed forward the wheels of progress have been those to whom satiety lay ever in the future, and they have labored continuously and have not failed to find in each transition stage an incentive for further effort. A laudable ambition has prompted the Magee Brothers to continue their efforts along well defined lines of labor until now they are recognized as among the leading representatives in their department of business in this section of the state. They have been prominent factors in promoting the commercial and industrial activity of Piqua, and in winning for this city an enviable, reputation as a manufacturing center. They own and control a large printing, designing and engraving house. The members of the firm are Charles Warren and Edwin Roy Magee, and both are well known as reliable business men whose rapidly increasing trade is well merited.

    They are natives of Warren, Trumbull county, Ohio, from which place the father, W. A. Magee, removed with his family to Piqua about twenty years ago. He was at that time employed in the Snyder & Company Bending Works, and is still connected with the enterprise. His wife bore the maiden name of Malvina Hart, and was a daughter of Charles Hart, of Gustavus, Trumbull county, Ohio. The two brothers, Charles and Edwin Magee, attended the Piqua schools, but left the high school before graduating. Charles learned the printer's trader in the office of Jerome Smilley, proprietor of the Daily Leader, and after serving his apprenticeship spent some time in acquiring skill and experience in larger offices in eastern cities. In 1896 he re-turned to Piqua and the same year purchased the business of the Fraternal Publishing Company. At that time the plant consisted of one small press, but the facilities have been constantly increased until now seven large presses are constantly in operation, and their work rooms and offices are arranged in the best possible manner and supplied with all the latest improved machinery and modern conveniences. Thus the firm is able to turn out a very high grade of work in printing, engraving, designing and binding.

    Edwin Roy Magee, the junior member of the firm, after completing his education was employed in the office of the Cincinnati Corrugating Company, and in 1897 entered the printing office owned by his brother. He married Miss Harriet Tyson, of Fletcher, Miami county, a daughter of G. W. Tyson, who was born in Virginia, and settled in this county at a very early day. The Magee Brothers give the greater part of their time and attention to their business interests, and their trade has steadily and constantly increased so that they now have both night and day forces of men. They do all the business of some of the larger factories whose catalogues and printed matter find their way to every part of this country and to foreign lands as well. Not content with a liberal share of the patronage of Piqua, the Magee Brothers, prompted by a laudable ambition, have won their business support from other localities and are now enjoying a very liberal and constantly increasing patronage. As business men they have been conspicuous among their associates not only for their success but for their probity, fairness and honorable methods. In everything they have been eminently practical, and this has been not only manifest in their business undertakings but also in private and social life. Having made their way through the world by dint of their own efforts, they have always had a kindly sympathy for those whom they have found starting in life as they started, and have been ready to aid those who are willing to work. In manner they are genial, and their cordiality and kindly disposition have gained them many warm friends. So worthily has their prosperity been won that the most envious cannot grudge them their success. During the years that they have participated in the business life of Piqua they have so conducted all the affairs entrusted to them as to merit the confidence and esteem of the entire community and no word of censure has ever been uttered against their actions.

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