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    Samuel Reish, retired farmer ; P. O. Covington, a native of Pennsylvania was born in Berks Co. in 1785; married Rachel Coppas and came to this county from Union Co., Penn., in 1834; he purchased the southeast quarter of Sec. 33, which was then a wild, heavily timbered tract; after building a cabin, he removed his family into it, and has resided on this place ever since having witnessed the work of clearing and improving, in which he took an active part, he is one of the few early settlers left living to tell the history of their toils, privations and difficulties; he has raised a family of seven sons and two daughters, all of whom are married; for the past twenty years or more, he has not attempted to farm himself, but has remained on the place, and although now past four score (85), is still in possession of all his faculties.

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