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    Jacob W. Myers; farmer; P. O. Tippecanoe City is a native of Lancaster Co., Penn., and was born in 1822; his parents were named Daniel and Hester Myers; his mother died when Jacob was one year old; as he grew to manhood, he learned the trade of weaving, and, in 1842, in company with some friends, emigrated to Clark Co. He engaged in weaving near Carlisle, previous to his marriage to Miss Elizabeth Shuman, which event occurred in 1850; one and a half years after the marriage, Mrs. Myers died, also the infant daughter, Magdalena. He continued weaving in winter and farming in summer, until his marriage to Miss Sarah Mott, in 1855; they are the parents of ten children, of whom Mary J. and Lilly F. are deceased. Daniel is the husband of Miss Mary Gottschall, and has two children; George Arthur and Bertha Estella; William, Eunice L., Otho P., Calista E., Jacob W., Sarah E. and. Charles are now living with their parents, and form an interesting family. Jacob is a prosperous farmer and generous provider; has always voted the Republican ticket; his wife and daughters are excellent housekeepers.

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