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    Joseph Sawyer, of the firm of Sawyer & Martin, paper manufacturers, a native of Piqua, is a son of Joseph and Elizabeth (Campbell) Sawyer, and grandson of John and Mary Campbell; John was born in Ireland and Mary was a native of Scotland; they came to Piqua about 1810, and bought a large tract of land, comprising more than half of the principal portion of the present city of Piqua; Elizabeth was born here in 1818, near where she lived, raised a family and died, when 59 years of age; she was one of the leading women of her day, an earnest Christian, a wise and affectionate mother and an estimable worker in all the departments of church and charitable work; Joseph Sawyer, Sr., was a native of Warren Co., and came to Piqua in 1831, and married Elizabeth Campbell in 1840, and died here in 1859 ; he was a wool-carder by trade, but, was possessed of more than ordinary education, having been a school teacher in his younger days ; after coming to Piqua, he became a land speculator, and bought and sold many tracts of land in the Miami Valley, and was quite successful, and became quite well off; he was identified with the interests of Piqua, being a member of the Council a number of years and was President of the Council when he died. The subject of this sketch was one of twin boys, born Oct. 8, 1851; he received a liberal education and was a member of the senior class of the city High School in 1869; he spent three years at the carriage and blacksmith trades, and in 1874, on account of ill health, went to California, and after a stay of about six months returned very much improved; he subsequently established a collection agency in Piqua, which he prosecuted until Jan. l, 1880, when he closed up all accounts, with a view of engaging in some business enterprise ; the death of H. E. Loomis, who had just got the manufacture of paper bags under way, presented an opportunity which he secured, and in March, the firm of Sawyer & Martin was formed, and at this time arrangements are being perfected for the manufacture of flour sacks and grocer's bags, in which they will employ from twenty to thirty hands; the firm are also general dealers in paper, twines, etc.; this firm is composed of young men. but they are, not without experience, and their business promises to become an established industry in Piqua. Mr. Sawyer was married Oct. 12, 1876, to Miss Rose L., daughter of Dr. G. S. Hyde, whose biography also appears in this work.

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