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    Daniel K. Moffett (deceased), farmer. Among the earliest pioneers of Miami Co. were the Moffett family; they were natives of Virginia, and, while living there, Daniel's grandfather, George, and his older brother, John, were captured by the Indians when boys, from 10 to 14 years of age, and carried off into what was then called the Northwest; their father afterward settled in Kentucky; he here entered into negotiations with the French traders to try and buy back his sons from the Indians; in the meantime, every effort was made through the military and other sources to recover the lost children; at one time, the Indians were encamped at Piqua, with George in their possession, when Gen. Clarke, with a military force came upon them by surprise and destroyed everything in their encampment, but the Indians effected their escape and carried George with them; at the expiration of about two years from the time of his capture, the French traders succeeded in buying him back, and took him home to his father; John, the older son, was still in their possession, till, at the expiration of about six years, the traders, while at Detroit, succeeded in obtaining John, who was returned to his overjoyed parents while in possession of the Indians, he was with Tecumseh, and, it appears, was adopted as one of his family, and it is really a wonder that they ever succeeded in buying him away from them ; John, when returned to his parents, had become a young man, and was finally one of the pioneers of Miami Co., locating on the land now in the corporation of Piqua, where he lived and died; George also came and located at Piqua, entered the east half of See. 11, about two miles west of Piqua, where he lived and died. James D. Moffett, his son, and father of Daniel, our subject, was born in Woodford Co., Ky., Feb. 17, 1798, and, when a small boy, came with his father to Miami Co.; here he grew up to manhood, under the sturdy influences of pioneer life, and, on Nov. 1, 1825, was united in marriage with Elizabeth J. Keyt, who was born in New Jersey July 4, 1799, and was among the early settlers of this county; after a few years of married life, death came and bereft him of his loved companion; 2 Nov. 28, 1837, he was married to Elvira Adams. Daniel K. Moffett, the subject of our sketch, and son of James D. Moffett, was born on the home farm in Washington Township, Aug. 20, 1826; he lived with his father till his death, which occurred when he was about 21 years of age, and, at this time, being the eldest son, he took charge of the family and farm; he was united in marriage in September, 1864, with Mary A. Bennett, daughter of Enoch and Margaret (Withgott) Bennett; by this union they had born to them two children, viz.: Fletcher Scott and Margaret Elizabeth; Mr. Moffett continued on the home place till his death, which occurred March 25, 1879. Although not of advanced age, yet that terrible destroyer, consumption, had marked him for its victim, and death finished the work when he was only about 52 years of age; but his life and character were such as to ever be cherished in the memory of his family, friends and neighbors; he was diligent in business, honest in all his dealings, with commendable public spirit, and uniform sympathy and kindness.

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