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    WILLIAM E. SHELLABARGER a venerable citizen of Covington, Miami County, Ohio, who is now living in retirement, was engaged in agricultural pursuits throughout his active career. He was born in Juniata County, Pennsylvania, November 30, 1827, and is a son of David and Elizabeth (Randels) Shellabarger.

    David Shellabarger, father of the subject of this record, was a farmer in Juniata County and resided there until his death. His widow later moved to Miami County, Ohio, and there formed a second marital union with a man bearing the same name as her first husband, David Shellabarger. She continued to reside there until her death.

    William E. Shellabarger preceded his mother to Miami County by several years, coming west in 1851. His first year here he worked in Covington at his trade as a millwright, then for three years worked at saw milling. He continued this until his marriage , when he became a farmer. Two years later he purchased a farm of seventy-nine acres in Newton Township, which he improved and lived upon for a period of thirty years. He was a man of great energy and keen business judgment, and he added to his property until he was possessed of 172 acres. In the fall of 1886, he moved with his wife to Covington, and there has a fine brick residence and three lots on South High Street. He retained his farm in Newton Township until April, 1909, when be sold out to good advantage.

    February 9, 1854, Mr. Shellabarger united in marriage with Miss Susan Mohler, who was born in Cumberland County Pennsylvania, July 21, 1834, and is a daughter of Rudolph and Elizabeth Mohler. She was about eight years of age when she accompanied her parents on May 2, 1842, to Miami County, settling on a farm at Sugar Grove her father had previously bought. They moved in wagons, the trip taking nearby three weeks. They had three vehicles, a wagon pulled by four horses, a wagon and a carriage. Both her parents died on the farm in this county and were buried at Sugar Grove. The subject this record and his wife became parents of the following children: Mary, wife, of George Saylor; Reuben, who died at the age of five years; Elias, who died at three years; Grace, who died when one mouth old; Rudolph, who died at the age of forty three years; Sarah, wife of Granville Minnich, who has charge of the Old Folks Home at Greenville, Ohio; Rolind Ellis, who lives on a farm in Newton Township; Levi, a bookkeeper who was for eight years in the post office at Manila, P. I, but is now a resident of Washington, D.C.; and Anna, who is the wife of John Goodenbarger, of Akron, Ohio. Reuben and Elias were stricken with diptheria and died within one day of each other. Rudolph Shellabarger died in 1905 of lockjaw, resulting from a fractured limb. Mr. Shellabarger has long been an active member of the Church of the Brethren, of which he is a deacon. He was for many years and until recently a member of the board of trustees of that church.

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