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    THEODORE L. ROGERS, proprietor of Fairview Farm, which consists of 265 acres of valuable land which is situated in Lost Creek Township, on the south side of the Addison and Casstown Turnpike Road, and is further brought close to hundreds of interesting points by reason of the electric railroad running through the property, was born at Casstown, Miami County, Ohio, March 6, 1860.

    Charles P. Rogers, father of Theodore L., was born in Clermont County, Ohio, October 18, 1818, a son of Asa Rogers, who came to Ohio from New Jersey. Asa Rogers, cleared up a farm near Addison, not far from the county line, lived on it for some years and died after he had retired to Casstown, when aged eighty years. He had the following children: Charles Parker; John, deceased; Furman, deceased; Mary Ann, deceased, wife of Almon Hammond, also deceased; Jarvis S., who was captain of a company during the Civil War; Joseph P., deceased; Nancy Ann, deceased, wife of Charles Sayers, also deceased; Harriet, deceased, wife of Dr. Deaver, also deceased; Sarah Jane, wife of George Causely, of Chicago, Illinois; and others who died in infancy.

    Charles Parker Rogers was five years old when his parents moved to the neighborhood of Addison, and there he grew up and, being the eldest of the family, gave his father much assistance in clearing up the farm. The father was a very practical, sensible man, and insisted that each son should learn a self-supporting trade in addition to farming, and as this was an iron rule, Charles P. went to Addison and learned the blacksmith's trade and became so expert after serving an apprenticeship of three years that he could fashion anything in iron. After he returned to the farm he opened a shop at Casstown, which he operated until 1864, when be bought a farm of 100 acres, situated north of Casstown, which was known as the "Old Webb Place." After living there for two years he sold it and bought 193 acres on the Addison and Casstown Turnpike, this transaction taking place in 1866. He resided there until 1892. His death occurred on October 20th of that year, when at the home of his son, Dr. S. T. Rogers, at New Albany, Indiana. He was married (first) to Sarah Cox, who died after the birth of one son, Firman C., who is also deceased. On September 20, 1847, he was married (second) to the widow of A. M. Walker, Mrs. Eliza Ann (Markley) Walker, a daughter of George Markley, who died when she was a child. Four children were born to this union, namely: Irene, who is the wife of A. B. Thackhara; Theodore Lincoln; Gilbert M., who died when aged nineteen years; and Sherman T., a graduate of the Eclectic Medical Institute of Cincinnati and a physician in active practice at New Albany, Indiana., Gilbert M., who was cut off in his brilliant youth, was a mechanical genius and the family preserve models that he had made for a phonograph before the Edison discovery was put on the market. The mother of this family survived until January 16, 1891, dying at the age of sixty years.

    Theodore L. Rogers was six years old when his parents moved to the farm and he continued to reside at home until his marriage, in the meanwhile securing an excellent common school education. He then bought 128 acres of land in Elizabeth Township. This he sold four years later to E. F. Sayers, from whom he purchased it in the beginning, and then bought 130 acres of his present farm, subsequently adding thereto until his total acreage has amounted to 265 a large property, which he devotes to general agriculture and stock raising. He remodeled the house and has erected all the other substantial farm buildings and the place is known by the pleasant name of Fairview Farm.

    On December 6, 1883, Mr. Rogers was married to Miss Altazera Sayers, a daughter of E. F. and Caroline M. (French) Sayers, and they have two sons: Charles P., who is a member of the graduating Class of 1910 in the Troy High School; and Albert Markley. The family belong to the Methodist Church, in which Mr. Rogers is serving on the board of trustees. He is a stanch supporter of the Republican party, and is one of the township's thoroughly representative citizens.

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