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    GEORGE MUMFORD, one of Elizabeth Township's prosperous grain farmers, resides on his valuable farm of 140 acres, which is situated on the LeFevre Turnpike road, in Section 16, Elizabeth Township, Miami County, Ohio, was born in Clark County, Ohio, March 31, 1852. His parents were George and Ruth Ann (Martin) Mumford.

    George Mumford and wife were born in Maryland and came from there to Ohio, locating first in Clark County but subsequently removing to Miami County. He became the owner of a large amount of land, purchasing at different times tracts of 200 acres, of seventy- eight acres and of the 140 acres which is now owned by his son George. He was aged seventy years when he died. When he lived in Maryland he was a Whig in politics but later became a member of the Republican party. For thirty-three years he served as a school director and in all matters of moment in his neighborhood, his judgment was more or less consulted. He was considered a poor man when he came first to Miami County but he was very enterprising and possessed excellent business qualifications. He cleared about one-half of his land, building a drain ditch in which he used 1,000 rods of tiling, and put up all the farm structures now standing, these serving during his lifetime, although they have all been remodeled and improved by the pr esent owner. The children of George and Ruth Ann Mumford were: Martha Josephine, Elizabeth, Harrison, Maria, George, Melissa and Belle. The mother of this family died in June, 1888, having survived her husband from September, 1882.

    George Mumford, Jr., who has served Elizabeth Township for fifteen years as a school director, obtained his own education in the Flinn school, near his home after which he became his father's helper on the farm and remained at home with his parents and continues on the same farm on which he was reared from childhood. It is well drained, the Miami County ditch running north and south through it, and Mr. Mumford has so divided his land that each part of it returns a good income. He has an orchard of fifty trees, grows twenty-five acres of corn, the same of wheat and the same of oats each year, has fifteen acres in hay and the remainder of the land is in woods and pasture. He takes pride in the appearance of his buildings and keeps them repaired a nd painted, making everything around his home very presentable. He has a fine family also to enjoy life with, consisting of wife and four children. He was married December 23, 1883, to Miss Ellen Boswell, who is a daughter of George and Lavina Boswell, of Casstown, Miami County, and their family consists of three daughters and one son, namely- Blanche, Nora, Vernon and Ruth. Mrs. Mumford is a member of the McKendree Methodist Church of Elizabeth Township. He does not lay claim to being a politician but he is interested in all that concerns the welfare of his own neighborhood and of the country at large. He votes the Republican ticket.

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