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    The following is St Felix information

    by Donna M St Felix

    Following is the verbal story that my grandfather, Harry Clarence Felix, aka Henry Felix, (born 1886) told, of which I have on tape. I'm including a summary, with hopes it may shed some light on a few mysteries and it will create a few more. I'm not saying what is true or not true, as I'm still searching for the facts and I've added some notes. I will say that I do believe things get "out of proportion" through the years.

    My grandfather's, father's name was Henry Clay Felix and he sold "medicine" in Cincinnati (probably his own home brew as his oldest son, Charles Percy Felix, later did).

    My grandfather, his parents and siblings lived in Cincinnati and Springfield Ohio. At one point they lived in Dayton Ohio where my grandfather married. The name shows up as "St Felix" on the marriage license. After he and my grandmother were divorced, he spent the balance (most of) his life in Toledo, Ohio, using the surname "Felix". My father bears the last name of St Felix.

    I must first say that the following is all my grandfather ever said about Peter Felix. He said he knew nothing more and often said in the early 1970's, that we would have to go there one day (Troy Ohio) and see what we could find out.

    Summary of my grandfathers words:
    "Our FELIX was Peter and he lived at Troy, Ohio. He owned land as far as the eye could see. He came to Canada from France, where he was knighted by the king and that's how we got the "St" in our name. He came to this (America) country with nine sons. One day he was going over the ice on the river, in his horse and buggy and the ice broke and he drowned. None of the nine sons could speak English and a German family swindled all the property. They used to call and want us to be in a play they put on every year about him, but we never wanted to go to be in it. I've got an old article that was in the paper that told about him and it told how he died."
    End of summary of my grandfathers words.

    My follow up notes:
    I've not been able to find any naturalization papers, so I can't track anything on the name. I don't know if Felix is a dit name or really is St Felix or Felix. Very possibly the "St" part of the name, was made up by my grandfather, to impress my grandmother. I have found a court case in the Northwest Territory (Detroit old book), about a court case listing Peter Felix.

    I did see the newspaper article my grandfather had when I was around 22 and don't remember what was in it, but it was rather large. My step-mother trashed it upon my grandfathers death. I've searched newspapers and the Haynor center for it, but have not found it. I remember it as being about a 1/3 page or larger article. One that I thought could have been it, just doesn't look right, as I visually remember it and it didn't state how he died.

    Census records don't match to nine sons, unless some of the sons lived in another area. The death of Peter Felix (Pierre Felix) would have been 1833 or earlier, per Miami County records. The headstone in Miami County would be for his son, Peter.

    I've never been able to track anything down about any play or skit that was ever put on about Peter Felix. I assume it was in the Troy Ohio area. I also don't think my grandfathers family ever saw it, if it happened, as they lived too far away for the way travel was in those days. I got the impression that it was when my grandfather was a small child (or at least after phones were invented).

    One member of the family (my grandfather's, sister's, granddaughter) is Lee (Taylor) Middleton of the doll fame, who is now deceased. She had sent me copies of all her work on the family [which I've used as a guide line and added more]. ... I'm still trying to put "facts" together on the early line.

    About the Felix Tavern:
    The family and a few people I've talked to in various departments in Miami Co through the years, don't really think that the existing building is the tavern, even though there are so many writings stating that it is, or that it could be. There's lots of confusion over "poles" and the changing of the river lines. From all I've "dug out", including a mention of a dock or pier at the tavern, I think the original tavern was a log cabin structure and that there would have been another structure (home) or more. I just don't think that at that early day, with the conditions of the area, that the early building would have been made as the existing building is today (concrete brick), although that building is "ancient". Seeing the building myself, I don't know how they would have had room in it to have held court or the space for merchandise, for trading - let alone both at the same time. I've been told also by an expert on early, old buildings, that the existing building (style) was built to be a grainery (of sorts) and that a building that would have been considered pretty much in the wilderness, would be of logs.

    Donna M St Felix

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