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    The following is a near copy of an obituary found in the family Bible of David Clinton Bosserman and his wife (nee Elizabeth Yount). The deceased was the grandmother of David C. Bosserman, through his mother Lydia Warner Bosserman.

      Susannah Brumbaugh
      ~ 1795 - 1889 ~

    A Short Biography of the life and character Susannah Brumbaugh-Seas -Warner-Warner-Hoover, January 12th 1889 being the 94th Anniversary of her Natural Life.

    DIED--At the residence of Henry Warner, one mile south of Bradford Ohio, on the 11th day of April 1889, Susannah Hoover aged 94 years and three months, being the oldest lady in the community. Susannah Brumbaugh was the daughter of John and Christina Brumbaugh, and was born on the 12th day of January 1795 in Blair County Pennsylvania.

    Her parents, as all parents in these days, were not too well provided with this world's goods, and as a matter of course her early life was spent at home in an effort of making a living. Her education was very meager, but the religious training that she received from the good old mother away back in the early part of the nineteenth century has continued with her through all the trials and sufferings that she met during life.

    She was a member of the German Baptist Church for over seventy years and always led an upright and Christian life, one that others could look up to with pride, and follow with safety, one that lead not along the highway of wickedness but the straight forward course to virtue, peace and happiness, her life and indulgences were such that the organs of her body reached the goal of her existence together and painless as a candle burns down in it's socket, her life went out, to cross the unknown into that beyond where she met those who had knew here almost a century ago.

    She was the oldest of nine children and of course a great deal depended upon her while at home. Two of these are still alive, Conrad Brumbaugh and Elizabeth Hull.

    In 1812 she was married to Christopher Seas, by whom she had three sons and one daughter. In 1818 hearing of the opening up of Ohio to settlement they loaded their family into a wagon and started west and settled in Miami County Ohio. He began to open a farm among the Indians and wolves, who at that time were very friendly. The former being of a shiftless nature begging a morsel of maize, while the latter would run the dogs into the house through the door that consisted merely of a quilt hung up before the opening.

    But such quarters were not used by these people very long. They were industrious and soon had a comfortable home chinked and daubed in good style, but this happiness in the wilds of Miami County was not to continue for long, for in the summer of 1821 her husband was taken sick and died leaving her alone to struggle for herself and family.

    She proved herself equal to the task, keeping the family together for a year or so, when Andrew Warner, a respected citizen sought her companionship and they were married in 1822, by whom she raised one daughter.

    This was a happy union, but alas for human events was soon to be cut short. He died in 1824 leaving her the second time a widow, to brood over her trials and sorrows alone. This time she remained a widow until Jacob Warner, another respected neighbor turned his attention to her interests and they were married in 1827. To this union four more children were born. This union brought together four sets of children who were living with her at the same time, and to all of these she proved to be a step mother in every sense of the word, getting along with them pleasantly and in such a way that all respected her, the many kindnesses shown them by her.

    Sixteen children, composed of five sets filled up the household and all went on in the little family circle without a jar. In 1835 Mr. Warner died leaving her a widow the third time with her large family well provided for. Surrounded with lovely and obedient children the time passed on until in 1841 Isaac Hoover a worthy and respected neighbor who had lost his companion sought a home with her and they were married soon after bringing together thirteen children born of two different mothers.

    Again she starts out full of happiness surrounded with the little colony, always trying and endeavoring to please those around her. But this happiness was destined to be broken up, and deaths messenger claimed her husband as his own in 1848 leaving her a widow for the fourth time.

    She keep house with the children until 1850 when they were all married off and left her alone, she went to live with her daughter Mrs. Henry Warner where she has resided for about thirty-nine years.

    Many little traits of character might be related to show her loving disposition but it is sufficient to say herein that she died as she had lived leaving not an enemy behind. She worked on the farm and helped her husbands in a great many ways to get along in the world. She could weave as fine a piece of linen as any of her neighbors and took great delight in spinning thread from flax, and her wheel was her daily companion for many years.

    Of nine brothers and sisters five of them are dead. Catherine Hoover died May 28 1839, Jacob Brumbaugh died Jan 27 1843, John Brumbaugh died March 2 1879, Daniel Brumbaugh died 27 Jun 1872, David Brumbaugh died July 23 1883, and Henry Brumbaugh died 17 Oct 1885.

    She is represented by nine children of her own, and twenty step children, sixty grandchildren, one hundred and thirty great grandchildren and thirty four great-grandchildren, making the representatives of her body two hundred and thirty three, thirty of whom are dead, leaving two hundred and three still living. Funeral services from the home of Henry Warner, preached by Tobias Crider at the church one mile north of Bradford April 14, 1889. Internment in the new cemetery. N.I.

    1998 UPDATE:

    The initials "N.I." at the end of the obituary stand for Nate Iddings who penned the obituary in 1889. He was living in Bradford, Miami County at the time and was a local historian of sorts. The "new cemetery"  mentioned above is the newer Harris Creek Cemetery.

    The children of Susannah (Brumbaugh) Seas-Warner-Warner-Hoover
    were, in order of birth:

    1st marriage

    1-Catharine SEAS 1813-1901, mar Henry H. WARNER 1812-1899
    2-unindentified SEAS, place in order of birth unknown
    3-Abraham Seas 1816-1893, mar Margaret C. BABER 1819-1861
    4-Jacob SEAS 1819-1909, mar Christina MISHLER 1825-1909

    2nd marriage

    5-Christina WARNER 1823-1906, mar Aaron HOOVER

    3rd marriage

    6-David WARNER 1828-1921, mar Esther MILLER 1833-1908
    7-Joseph WARNER 1830-1913, mar Nancy HERSHEY 1833-1924
    8-Daniel WARNER 1832-1919, mar Lucretta SPITLER 1831-1916
    9-Lydia WARNER 1834-1894, mar Isaac E. BOSSERMAN 1828-1897

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