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    Abraham Kahn, manufacturer and exporter of farm tools and handles, and one of the leading and highly esteemed business citizens of Piqua, Ohio, was born at his father's home in Alsace- Lorraine, in 1846. As a youth he was given splendid educational advantages, as his father was a man of some means, and during his rearing he mastered several languages. At the time he reached his majority, in 1869, he decided to seek his fortune on his own account, and accordingly immigrated to the United States and first located at Wapakoneta, Ohio, where he established himself in a dry goods business in a small way. This he developed into a paying business, but later found a better field for his abilities in the manufacture of farming tools and handles, and for the carrying on of such a business established a factory at Wapakoneta. Under his progressive methods, he soon developed this enterprise to large proportions, and came to Piqua, where he founded his interests, although still retaining his holdings at Wapakoneta. At Piqua he is manager of the United States Handle Company, an exporting agency, which does business with leading concerns all over the world. Mr. Kahn is still active and alert, and goes around his daily routine of duties with the clear mind and active step of a man who had led a clean, active and healthful life. He has the confidence of his associates and his standing in the business world is that of a level-headed, clear-sighted man of affairs, of the highest integrity and strictest probity. A man of broad and practical philanthropy, he is secretary of the Associated Charities of Piqua, and president of the Jewish congregation. He is favorably known also in social circles and is president of the Piqua Club. Mr. Kahn married Rosa Friedlich and to this union there have been born two children: Forest E. and Mabel.

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