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    C. C. HOBART

    C. C. Hobart. By reason of the importance and extent of his business connections, C. C. Hobart, president of the Hobart Brothers Company, is accounted one of the leading factors in the business life of Troy. He was born at Westford, Vt., in 1856, a son of Charles and Adelaide (Sabin) Hobart, and comes of English ancestry an the paternal side, while his maternal forebears were men of distinguished accomplishments and his grandfather Sabin was a minister of the Gospel, a member of the bench of New England and at one time congressman from Vermont. After attending the public schools of Fairfax, Vt., Mr. Hobart took a course in Colgate Academy, also in the University of New York, then going to the law school of the University of Chicago and like wise pursuing a law course at Iowa State University and was admitted to the bar in 1879. Returning to Vermont, he taught school for a time, as he did later at Middletown, Ohio, and at the latter place operated a paper mill, serving part of the time as bookkeeper and manager. Subsequently he operated the Central Light station at Middletown and was secretary and treasurer of the Parent Paper Company, and finally established the Hobart Company at Middletown, which was engaged in the manufacture of dynamos, motors, etc. The plant was later removed to Troy, where the business adopted the style of Hobart Manufacturing Company, and new lines were added, including electrically driven coffee mills, food choppers, etc. Eventually Mr. Hobart disposed of his interests in this concern and at present is giving a large share of his time to the presidential duties and development of the Hobart Brothers Company, founded by his sons, for the manufacture of motor generator sets and filing cabinets, a separate factory being maintained for each of these industries. Approximately 100 men, are given employment in these plants and a thriving business is being developed rapidly along both lines. Mr. Hobart is a successful manufacturer but has not allowed himself to be tied down by business duties, his broadness and superior education bringing him into close touch with many sides of life. He was active in all war movements during the war period and has always given generously of his time, ability and means in the furtherance of worthy civic enterprises. Mr. Hobart married Louise, daughter of Edward Jones, of Middletown, and they have three sons: Charles, Edward and William, who are interested in the Hobart Brothers Company. A complete history of this concern will be found in the industrial chapter of this work.

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