J. Funderburg, M. D. With the exception of a short period spent in Shelby county, Dr. J. Funderburg has been engaged in the practice of medicine in Miami county for thirty-four years, at present being one of the leading physicians of Piqua. He was born in Greene county, Ohio, in 1862, a son of John and Keren (Rodefer) Funderburg, and a grandson of Jacob Funderburg. The Rodefer family came from Virginia, the maternal grandfather of Doctor Funderburg being Philip Rodefer. John Funderburg was born in Maryland and saw military service during the war between the states. By his first marriage he had five sons and two daughters, and two of his sons, George and Simon, served in the Civil war. The only child of his second marriage was Dr. J. Funderburg. He received his early education at Yellow Springs, Ohio, and pursued his medical studies at Columbia Medical College, from which he was graduated March 4, 1886. He began practice at Fletcher, Ohio, later spent a short time at Houston, then returned to Fletcher and finally settled permanently at Piqua, where he has advanced to a leading place among the physicians of Miami county. He has served as coroner of the county and as examining surgeon for the board of pension examiners, and has the confidence of his patients and the general public, and the esteem of his fellow-practitioners. Dr. Funderburg married Ella, daughter of W. H. Doup, and they had two children: William Roscoe, and Cloyd Doup. The former is general manager of the Overland Sales Company, at Portsmouth, Ohio. Cloyd volunteered for service in the United States Army, shortly after the country's entrance into the great World war. He enlisted at Dayton, Ohio, and was at once sent to Ft. Thomas, Kentucky, where he remained about three weeks, and was then transferred to Camp Oglethorpe, Georgia, where he was made sergeant of his company, in the Three Hundred and Seventh United States ambulance, company, of the Three Hundred and Second sanitary train. After about six months in this camp, he was transferred to Camp Upton, Long Island, New York. He was the only one of his company selected while at Camp Upton to take training for lieutenancy of infantry. He went overseas with the Three Hundred and Second as sergeant, and served as such in France from the middle of April, until July 11, 1918, at which time he was transferred to Company I, Thirty-ninth infantry, Fourth division, with the rank of second lieutenant. While leading his company in battle at the front, on August 4, 1918, he was wounded, and met death two days later, by a shell bursting near him. His death was the first one reported of the boys who went out from Piqua. After the death of his first wife, Doctor Funderburg married Lillie, daughter of William Tyson, of Fletcher.

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