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    A. Acton Hall, president of the Ohio Marble Company, and one of the leading and prominent business citizens of Piqua, Ohio, was born in 1869, at Cincinnati, a son of Joseph Lloyd and Sarah (Jewell) Hall. Joseph L. Hall was born in the State of New Jersey and his wife in Pennsylvania. The father was an inventor of note having been the originator of the famous Hall safe, which for four generations has been manufactured at Cincinnati by the Hall Safe and Lock Company, and the distribution of which product covers the entire United States and invades the market of many foreign countries. Joseph Hall took out more than sixty five patents on the safes and locks which bore his name, and in addition to having distinction as being the inventor of this utilitarian article was widely recognized as an authority on matters pertaining to mechanical science. Of the twelve children born to Joseph and Sarah Hall, six sons were at one time and another associated with their father in the conduct of the Hall Safe an d Lock Company: Edward Clarke, Joseph Lloyd, W. H., C. O., A. Acton and W. P. Since the death of Edward Clarke Hall, in 1919, his sons have continued to operate the business, the other sons of Joseph Hall having previously disassociated themselves from the business. Edward K. Hall, the grandfather of A. Acton Hall, and father of Joseph Hall, was active in this same business until his death. A. Acton Hall received his educational training in the public schools in his native city, Cincinnati, and was still a youth when he entered his father's business and began to become familiar with its many departments. With this preparation as a foundation he later retired from the safe business in order to devote his time and attention to the handling of real estate, in which he had become actively interested, and this he followed for some years with a moderate degree of success. While thus engaged, his attention was halted by the stone business, with which he became identified when he took charge of his present concern, the Ohio Marble Company, in 1896. Since then he has been the president of this company, which under his direction has prospered, grown and flourished and is now accounted one of Piqua's leading enterprises. Mr. Hall married Mary, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Hubbell) Foulds, of Cincinnati. Mr. Foulds was postmaster of Cincinnati under the administration of President Grant, was prominent in the grain and flour business, and became the originator and first manufacturer of the widely- advertised and universally used article known as Fould's macaroni. To Mr. and Mrs. Hall there has been born one son, Albert Acton, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Hall were active in all movements attendant upon the war period, including the war loans, Red Cross, etc. Mrs. Hall is prominent in the social and club life of Piqua, while Mr. Hall is active in business, civic and social circles. He is a member of the Piqua and Piqua Rotary clubs and of the Masons and Elks. His civic activities include a directorship on the Central Inland Waterways Commission for the rehabilitation of water traffic. A full account of the Ohio Marble Company will be found in the industrial section of this work.

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