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    Joseph Furnas, retired farmer; P. O. Pleasant Hill; was born Aug. 8, 1809, on the farm where he now resides. His family was derived from England. In 1142, there was an Abbey founded in the north of England in the Furness name, and quite a house of them established a colony in Cumberland and North Cumberland Cos. and were possessed of land in the year mentioned. The elder branch of the family, without much increase or diminution of property, still adhere to the "old sod;" from these the Furnases of this country do not blush to descend. John Furness, grandfather of Joseph, was born Jan. 1, 1735, near Standing Stone Monthly Meeting House. Married Mary Wilkinson, of Wigton, March 24, 1762 emigrated to America about 1763 or 1764; settled in South Carolina. William Furnas, son of John and Mary, and father of Joseph born in South Carolina, May 29, 1775. Married Rachel Nesby, of that State. Emigrated to Miami Co. in October, 1806. Like most youths of early days, Joseph Furnas' education was neglected, but he was early taught the use of hands and brains. Sept. 15, 1834, he married Margaret Spencer of South Carolina, a lady of Scotch parentage. The fruits of this union were seven children, four of whom are living, three daughters and one son. Mr. F. is now in his 71st year, and is probably the only man in the county who, starting from early manhood with no pecuniary aid, has purchased and maintained the old homestead intact for that period of years. Of a retiring, unassuming disposition, he never sought preferment of any kind. He early learned that the man who distances his competitors is he who masters his business, who preserves his integrity, who pays his debts, who lives within his income, and who gains friends by deserving them.

    "Go search it there, where to be born and die, Of rich or poor make all the history."

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