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    WILLIAM KERR, farmer P. O. Troy. William Kerr was born in this county; his parents were Harvey and Sabra, who were also born in the county, and may be classed among the old settlers; William was born Dec. 11, 1834, and, from choice he has followed farming; work was too plenty in his younger days for boys to get a very extensive knowledge of books, but William managed to obtain enough education to aid him materially in his business; at 18, he commenced working for himself, at the rate of $10 per month, and continued working on the same wages for six years. March 10, 1861, he was united in marriage to Miss Mahala, eldest daughter of William Swailes ; she was born in October, 1830, on the farm where they now reside, and never has nor ever wishes to know any other home; two daughters thus far have gladdened their home -- Naomi and Effie, whose education is fast approaching completion; Naomi was born Feb. 1, 1865, and Effie May 7, 1868. Mr. Kerr is owner of 80 acres of splendid land, with substantial improvements; an air of neatness is everywhere apparent, his farm paying him a large revenue; much of the change that has taken place in this county has been closely observed by him, and his arm has done much toward its improvement; he is Democratic in politics, and never misses an opportunity of voting; is fond of company and very agreeable.

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