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    M. C. KAUFFMAN, of the firm of Kauffman & Ellis, merchant tailors, and dealers in ready-made clothing, Troy, was born in Lebanon Co., Penn.; his father, Jacob Kauffman, was born in the same State Feb. 21, 1804; died Jan. 31, 1840; his grandfather, Abraham, was born in 1771; died in 1826; his great-grandfather, Abraham, was born in 1741; died in 1802; his great-great-grandfather, Frederick, was born in Switzerland, in 1709; came to the United States in 1734; at the age of 25 years, was a Bishop of the ---------- Church; he settled in Anville Township, Lebanon Co., and died in 1789, aged 80 years; Sarah, mother of M. C., and wife of Jacob Kauffman, was born Jan. 9, 1810; died Sept. 6, 1863, aged 53 years and 7 months. Our subject began learning the tailoring trade when only 12 years of age, in Lebanon, which was finished in the city of Philadelphia; his education was mostly received in the latter place, by attending night schools. After completing his trade, he was employed as cutter in an establishment in the above city for some time, then came West, locating in Greenville, Ohio, where he did a general merchant tailoring and ready-made clothing business; then afterward came to this place, and was employed as cutter. In 1868, he went to Omaha, where he was engaged as cutter and general overseer of all work for six months; returned to Troy; established himself in business, giving employment to a number of skilled workmen. He is a professional cutter, in the strongest sense which the term implies, and is testified too by all who have been so fortunate as to have their dimensions encircled by his tape. This firm, from their fair dealing, and popular business habits, command what they deserve, the leading trade in Troy.

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