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    MRS. MARGERY JENKINS, Troy. We present to our readers a sketch of Mrs. Margery Jenkins; she is the eldest daughter of Enoch and Rosanna Pearson, who were natives of South Carolina, and emigrated from Newberry Court House to Monroe Township. Margery was born March 7, 1818; during her girlhood, she received a liberal education, which was very beneficial to her; when her father had his first cabin erected, he had no material to make doors of, so a blanket was substituted, and served its purpose well; Margery's father was her first schoolteacher and the log schoolhouse was only partly floored; one log removed from the side gave light, and the benches were hewed logs, with pegs driven in holes for legs; the fire-place nearly filled one end of the room, an d would hold half a cord of wood; this hardly served to keep them warm on a cold day; the scholars would often bring their dinner in their pockets, consisting of raw potatoes, and these roasted in the ashes, were considered quite a luxury; "salt pork and lye hominy" were staple articles of diet. She was married to Jesse Jenkins March 29, 1835 Esquire David Jenkins tying the nuptial knot; her wedding dress was of silk, which was considered rather stylish; she began teaching "select school" in April, 1836 , in her kitchen, superintending, in the meanwhile, her cooking, which was at that time all done by the fireplace; Elizabeth, their first child, was born Feb. 20 1837; she is now the wife of Benjamin Blackmore; Enoch P. was born Sept. 24, 1839; Rosanna, June 24, 1842; Rebecca E., April 18, 1845; she is the wife of John Herr; Ruth A. was born Feb. 25, 1848, and is now the wife of Sherman Le Blonde; they live with Mrs. Jenkins, and Mrs. Le Blonde is a very fine housekeeper and an "ardent supporter" of the Miami Co. History; Mahala was born Feb. 9, 1850, and is now deceased; Margaret J., May 5, 1853; Silas L., Sept. 24, 1855; Sarah B., June 27, 1858, also deceased; Silas L. was married to Rebecca Fogle. David Jenkins, the father and husband, died Oct. 9, 1870. Mrs. Jenkins is well provided for, and is a consistent member of the Christian Church.

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