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    D. C. GIDEON

    D. C. GIDEON, physician and surgeon, Troy. A short genealogy will be first in order. Alfred L. Gideon was born in 1826; Elizabeth Clark Gideon, Dec. 15, 1820. Their only child, David C. Gideon, Nov. 27, 1848; Jacob Row was born in 1810, and his wife, Sarah Bost, in 1811; they were parents of John, George, Jacob, Mary, Carrie, Lydia and Sarah; D. C. Gideon and Sarah Row were married in 1868; their sons were born -- Alfred L., June 4, 1868, and Clark McKenzie, April 6, 1873: Dr. Gideon's grandfather, Rev. David Clark, married Miss Sally Winans, daughter of Samuel and Sally Winans, in 1806; they emigrated to Miami Co., from New Jersey, in 1809; he had previously been here and purchased land, coming from Kentucky, in 1804; in 1805, he burned and delivered brick for the first brick house built in Cincinnati; he was one of the pioneer Methodist ministers in this county; they were parents of Winans, John, Carman, Sally H. and Elizabeth Clark; his father, David Clark, Sr., was a native of Scotland; Rev. David Clark was originally owner of the land Tippecanoe is now built upon, donating the lot for the Hyattsville M. E. Church; he sold his possessions to Robert Evans, in 1830, and emigrated to Sangamon Co., Ill.; for forty years he was an ordained minister; D.C. Gideon began the study of medicine in 1865, and graduated at the Eclectic Medical Institute of Cincinnati Ohio, in February, 1873; he formed a partnership with his preceptor, Dr. John Clark; during his stay in Danvers, McLean Co. Ill., Dr. Gibson was editor and proprietor of the Danvers Independent, one of the spiciest local papers in the State; he emigrated East instead of West, March 1, 1880, and settled in Troy, the home of his ancestry.

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