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    Mrs. Anna Kessler, P. O. Troy; Mr. and Mrs. Kessler were both born in this county; he Nov. 13, 1816, she March 10, 1819; she is a daughter of Solomon and Barbara Hoover, who were also born in the county; he in 1795, she in 1800; Mrs. Kessler has one brother and two sisters living; Sarah Leighton, Nancy Blue and Henry Hoover. Her marriage to Martin Kessler was celebrated on April 3, 1838, Esquire David Jenkins performing the ceremony. They had eleven children; William H. H., born Jan. 13, 1839 Susannah E., born Sept. 7, 1840 David S., born June 18, 1842 ; John O., born July 31, 1844 Samuel C., born March 24, 1847 ; Solomon W., born April 8, 1849; Sarah M., born March 7, 1851; Martha A., born Sept. 17, 1854; Martin W., born June 2, l857; Webster P., born June 19, 1859, and Elizabeth B., born Sept. 20, 1862; all are living, and five are married. Mr. Kessler was a gallant soldier during the war of the rebellion, but died during his term of service; he was a good man, and highly respected by all who knew him; his death occurred July 23, 1863; the remains were brought home in October following, and were interred in the Wheelock Cemetery. The widow and six of the children live on the farm, which is superintended by the sons, and furnishes a good income. John, William and Samuel were also soldiers during the war of the rebellion, and were brave and daring volunteers. We remember with pride our gallant men who filled the ranks, from Miami Co., and are ever ready to do them honor.

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