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    Furnace Kerr, farmer; P.O. Tippecanoe City. Furnace Kerr ranks high in the estimation of our people, and we are pleased to note that his father, Hamilton Kerr, came to this county in 1806, before any settlements worthy of mention were made, the wild deer, the panther and the Indian having full sway in the trackless forest, which has given way to the march of progress, until our beautiful land ranks second to none. Furnace is the youngest child of Hamilton and Rhoda Kerr, and was born on Dec. 18, Feb. 22, 1836; there were three other sons; the Pearson and Newell Kerr farms were the first ones settled upon in this township. Furnace was wedded to Miss Anna, daughter of David and Annie Skilier, of Shelby Co., Jan. 6, 1870; he was an almost confirmed bachelor, but now makes a model husband; they are the parents of Enona and Hamilton, two lovely children. The buildings upon this farm are the finest in Monroe Township, and are second to none in the county; the house is luxuriantly furnished, and everything necessary for pleasure or comfort has been procured; to say that we feel a just pride in the sons of Miami Co., would be a feeble expression compared to their industry and prosperity; the Miami Valley against the world for wealth and productiveness. Mr. Kerr is a Jacksonian Democrat, an honest man, and a member of Tippecanoe Lodge of A. F.& A.M.

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