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    Perry Kerr, farmer; P. O., Troy; is Mrs. Sally Kerr's youngest son, and has managed the home farm for many years, and the general appearance of the buildings and farm are indicative of his care and adaptation for his business; the brick residence is the First one of the kind erected in the neighborhood. Perry was married to Miss Susannah E. Kessler March 28, 1876; her father was wounded at the battle of Lexington, Ky., and died from effects of the injury. Mr. and Mrs. Kerr are the parents of; Hanford W., born Feb. 8, 1867; Cora A., Jan. 29, 1869; Susannah E., Nov. 26, 1876; Alva M., Feb. 23,1874; Sarah E., Dec. 24, 1876; and Martha A., Feb. 13, 1879. They are a splendid family of children. Through the efforts of Perry and James Kerr, the Nashville and Troy (Branch) Pike was built, which is one of the best in the township. Perry Kerr is owner of 220 acres of elegant land, which was mostly purchased by himself, and contains the principal part of the homestead; the site of the old home has never been disturbed by the plow, and is revered as "consecrated ground." Many things dear to childhood's memories are yet to be seen; the rock upon which they cracked their hickory nuts, the remains of the walnut stump that stood at the end of the porch, and three trees that were budded by different ones of the family, and since have been called by their names; the old hearth-stones, and the old chimney-place are still visible, and are the dearest objects to the family, who revere the memory of the man who did so much for them in childhood's happy hour. Aunt Sally makes her home with Perry and his amiable wife, and is now 81 years of age. Perry, like his father, is a lavish provider of the good things of earth, and follows in his political footsteps, Democratic, first, last and always.

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