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    Conrad Licklider, farmer; P. O. Piqua; was born in Montgomery Go., Ohio, in 1821, is the son of Daniel and Elizabeth. (Giltner) Licklider, who were born in Virginia and Kentucky respectively; about 1812, Daniel came to Ohio, and during the same year visited, with his uncle, some relatives in Kentucky, there making the acquaintance of Elizabeth Giltner, who, in the next year (1813), he made his wife, and located with her in Montgomery Co., where they lived till 1833, when they came to Miami Co., settling about one mile north of the farm now owned by Conrad; they purchased an improved farm (as it was then called), consisting of 70 acres, at $7 per acre, there being just a log, cabin with a split-puncheon floor, etc., everything of the most primitive pioneer kind; at the same time, many farms could have been bought for $4 per acre, but Mr. Licklider thought he was getting some extra improvements; he lived on this farm some six years, then sold out and moved into Piqua, where he entered upon the mercantile trade, in which he continued for about thirteen years, when he sold out and again bought a farm of 160 acres, the same upon which Conrad now lives; here he worked and labored, improving the farm, with Conrad, their only child till Jan. 6, 1867, when he was taken from labors to reward, his wife living, only till the 21st of the next January, when she followed him to that "bourn whence no traveler returns." But now we will digress for a moment to remark that right here, where Mr. Licklider and his neighbors toiled so hard to clear out and make roads, rolling and piling up the logs, and burning them to clear them off the land, they buy wood and coal to burn. Mr. Licklider, the subject of this sketch, an only son, as remarked above, remained with his father till his death. He was united in marriage, Feb. 11, 1841, with Christopher Eckerd, daughter of Christopher and Jane (Bowles) Eckerd; Mr. Bowles came from Germany when 12 years of age, and she was born in Pennsylvania; Christophe's father dying when she was only a child, her mother was married again, and they moved to Miami Co. when the daughter was 10 years of age ; the fruits of their marriage are three children, viz., Abraham G. (who is married to Rachel Irvin, have four children, and live on the old home place), Daniel F. (married to Callie Drake, and living one and a half miles west, who have had three children, but only two living), and George W. (married to Louisa Cathcart, who live on the old home farm, and have one child). Mr. Licklider has a fine farm, with a good brick house, and also his sons on the old home, both have good brick houses, with good barns and other buildings for comfort and convenience; his health failing, he has retired mostly from hard labor, and rents his farm on shares. Mr. Licklider and wife have been active members of the church for thirty years or more, and are now desirous for the temporal and spiritual welfare of their children, trusting to live in peace and quiet the remainder of their days, looking forward with faith and hope for that better life beyond.

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