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    M. G. HARTER

    M. G. Harter, physician, Piqua. The subject of this sketch was born in Harrison Co., Ky., in the year 1817; he emigrated to Ohio, with his parents, Jacob and Elizabeth (Smizer) Harter, in the year 1821, and located six miles east of Troy, in this county; our subject spent his younger days with his parents on the farm not having the advantages of schooling, he was obliged to resort to his own efforts for his education, and became, so to speak, his own instructor, thereby gaining sufficient learning to fit him for all practical business; at the age of 21 years, he began the study of medicine, selecting the eclectic faith, and meanwhile took to himself a wife, Hannah Statler, daughter of Christopher and Fannie Statler, of Miami Co. his instructor in the science of medicine was Dr. Steinbarger. The fruits of the marriage of our subject were as follows: Harrison, Fannie, Newton, Daniel and Della, all of whom are in the other world, having passed from this to that better land in infancy, except Della, who lived to attain her womanhood, was married but a short time, when she passed away, leaving one child, who followed its mother in the short space of two years; soon after Dr. Harter's marriage, he settled in the southern part of Montgomery Co. but previously, while pursuing his studies, he worked at blacksmithing, thereby enabling him to support his family; when the first year had rolled around, he changed his studies to the allopathic school, in which his practice was largely appreciated; the Doctor was a graduate of the Cleveland Medical College; from his first location, in the southern portion of Montgomery Co., he moved to Vandalia, where he settled, and continued the practice of his profession one year; then moved to Ithaca, Darke Co.; thence to Rush Co., Indiana and finally removed to Ohio, and formed a partnership with Dr. Darwin, of Gettysburg after their partnership expired, moved again to Marion, Ind., engaging in the drug business, at which place he discovered the ague specific known to all parts of the world as Dr. Harter's Ague Cure; from Marion he removed to Troy, Ohio, and began the manufacture of his specific on quite a large scale and, in 1866, moved his business interests to St. Louis, Mo., where he added very largely to his prosperous enterprises, forming a stock company for the purpose of Manufacturing the late discovery; the family remained in Troy until 1867, at which time they moved to St. Louis, where they became permanent residents, spending the remainder of the Doctor's life; his skill and energy, as well as his indomitable will, placed him at the head of his profession, and made him a benefactor of the world; his fame is as broad as the expanse of our universe, and never to be forgotten; an excellent financier, leaving a very large estate to his estimable widow, who can only mourn his untimely loss, though Time, the great finisher of all living, will, we hope, bring them together where partings are known no more.

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